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 From: Don Higgins
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 Don Higgins
 To: Jun Tangunan
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 Jun Tangunan
Subject: RE: Programmer joke
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Date: Wednesday, December 31, 2014 5:45:44 AM         

A long time military programmer retired from active duty. He now went looking for a job and found one at a center to protect animals.

The job they gave him was to design a program to see what would happen to a flock of antelope if a helicopter buzzed overhead. He decided that his love of FoxPro's inheritance would allow him to use the military program and just change a few things. He used the military depiction of soldiers as the animals, and just made a few changes to the military aircraft as the helicopter.

He was very impressed that he could create a program using FoxPro's super fast application development and showed the management how cool it was turning out to be. He went into a meeting with all the managers and showed them how the helicopter would buzz over the animals and they would scatter all over. They were impressed that he had been able to make so much happen within a week of work.

So while they were all congratulating him on a job well done some of the animals spun around and shot the helicopter down with shoulder fired ground to air missiles, and others fired .50 caliber machine guns on the hapless helicopter.

Moral of the joke, be careful with your inheritance design...

Don Higgins

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