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 From: Rick C. Hodgin
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 Rick C. Hodgin
 To: Noel Cris
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 Noel Cris
Subject: RE: query integer to double
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Databases, Tables and SQL Server
Date: Thursday, March 28, 2013 1:58:28 PM         

> > Did you use
> > SELECT CAST(column AS Double) FROM .. ?
> Didn't work.
> This is as far as I can get:
> select CAST(column*1.00 as decimal(15,0)) as newval from mysql.table
> which return a numeric(16,0) in VFP and not double as desired.

If you create a remote view it gives you the option to interpret the remote field as an alternate type. For IBM DB2's datetime equivalent field, for example, we always cast it as a C(26) because it was formatted as "YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS.123456" internally. By default it came over as datetime and lost some of its precision.

Even if you can't use remote views in this way, you might be able to create a remote view to look at (and then delete). Examine its SQL code and see what settings it's using internally to create that data condition. Maybe it's only a passthrough setting in the driver. I don't know.

In my experience, the suggestion Anders gives you is correct. Casting values like that returns proper forms. I'm not sure what the cause of your error is.

Best regards,
Rick C. Hodgin


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