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Subject: question about a grid and a textbox
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Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2001 9:00:47 AM         

I created a form with a grid from the grid builder , a label that say "search data" and a texbox to input the data.

this grid will show data just from one table and this table have different index for example one of the fields indexes and that i want to search are "CUSTID" STRING, "VIDEOID " STRING, "FIRSTNAME" STRING , what i want to do, is to have only one texbox and then type the data that i want to find and then click on the grid header that relate the data with that field then be able to make the grid to take me to that record and if is possible once the record is found make that row for that record to get a diff color thatn the others row, so we can see visually the record is highlited. it does not matter to me if the grid shows me other records as soon it gets a diff color that row we will see the diff and we know that is the record we were looking for. i think we need some code to put a button named "RESET" to reset the grid to go to top of the file also in case the data we are looking for is not found we need something to say data no found.
is this possible ?
thank you in advance
best regards


question about a grid and a textbox Posted by ERNESTO PAEZ @ 6/12/2001 9:00:47 AM
RE: question about a grid and a textbox Posted by Paul Culbertson @ 6/12/2001 10:43:08 AM