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 From: Wilson Guerra
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 Wilson Guerra
 To: Shawn Ottinger
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 Shawn Ottinger
Subject: RE: Question about dlls
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Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 10:43:38 PM         

> I have a dll I have created with Fox. I have the dll on a server drive so when I change it all the programs that use it will be using the new version. This is working fine except one problem.
> When my program executes the dll is created is server memory. This is great, only I want it to be killed until the program needs it again.
> If I CreateObject when a button is pushed then at the end of that code I want to kill the process. I am thinking about creating a function in the .dll called "Kill" that just excutes the line 'quit'
> Will this work? Is there any problems you can see with doing this?
> I have also thought about using the line clear dlls. Is there any problems with using this?
> Which would be better or is there a better solution.

You are using a DLL that reside in a Server, but when you have access to it from a Client, in the client side is created an instance of the object, the client doesn't know who is using the DLL, he only care about his instance, and he can destroy the object without affecting the other clients.

Wilson Guerra


Question about dlls Posted by Shawn Ottinger @ 8/23/2002 3:28:41 PM
RE: Question about dlls Posted by Wilson Guerra @ 10/22/2002 10:43:38 PM