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 From: mut jayan
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 mut jayan
Subject: Records not shown in grid
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Grids
Date: Thursday, May 21, 2009 7:19:23 AM         

I have create two forms namely 1. empmain.scx 2. search.scx, in empmain form I have entered new employee records only in that i have put one grid control, and five text boxes and three command button. when I run the form all the records displayed in grid. I have click search command button in empmain.scx the search form will open and i have find some records and again i have come back to empmain form the records not display in the grid control.

1. code of the empmain.scx is below

use "D:\centac\emp.dbf"
locate for (thisform.txtappno.value) = appno
if NOT found()
INSERT INTO centac values(thisform.txtappno.value, thisform.txtadd1.value, thisform.txtadd2.value, thisform.txtadd3.value, thisform.txtadd4.value,;
thisform.combo1.value, thisform.combo2.value, thisform.txtddno.value, thisform.txtbank.value, VAL(thisform.txtamount.value), thisform.txtdate.value)
thisform.txtappno.value = ""
thisform.txtadd1.value = " "
thisform.txtadd2.value = " "
thisform.txtadd3.value = " "
thisform.txtadd4.value = " "
thisform.txtddno.value = " "
thisform.txtbank.value = " "
thisform.txtamount.value = " "

2. code of the seach is below

use "D:\centac\emp.dbf
if thisform.optiongroup1.option1.value = 1
locate for thisform.txtsearch.value = ddno
if found()
Messagebox("RECORD FOUND")
Messagebox("RECORD NOT FOUND")
thisform.txtsearch.value = " "
if thisform.optiongroup1.option2.value =1
lctext = alltrim(upper(this.parent.txtsearch.value))
select * from centac where upper(address1) like lctext+'%'
thisform.txtsearch.value = " "

How to rectify the problem?

Awaiting yours reply.

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