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 From: Gene Wirchenko
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 Gene Wirchenko
 To: Tamar Granor
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 Tamar Granor
Subject: RE: Release Refrence
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: VFP and .NET
Date: Friday, December 19, 2014 7:37:04 PM         

> >
> > Not responding for the OP, but I write my forms in code, because:
> >
> > Everything is text. I can examine the source with text-based tools. I have written a file search program and a printing both which understand some VFP syntax (basic awareness of classes and methods). The format is not something mysterious; I can edit text.

> But SCX and VCX aren't mysterious, either. They're DBFs and pretty well-documented. We have tools (like Code References and GoFish) to search in them, and Beyond Compare with Frank Perez's add-in can compare them.

A text file has a much simpler structure at the level I manipulate it at.

I can use a general-purpose program to search. I have occasionally used DOS's find.

> I do write some code in PRGs, but not anything visual. The ability to see it as I'm putting it together is way too important.

My forms are much more utilitarian. Having the exact control of positioning matters more to me.

Different needs and preferences.


Gene Wirchenko


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