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 From: Stefan Wuebbe
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 Stefan Wuebbe
 To: Jim Carls
  Where is Jim Carls?
 Tennessee - United States
 Jim Carls
Subject: RE: Report OpenTables code scrambled
Thread ID: 345094 Message ID: 345100 # Views: 41 # Ratings: 0
Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Reports and Printers
Date: Friday, May 18, 2012 10:29:30 AM         

> Has anyone else had the experience of opening the code window to edit the OpenTables method of a report, only to find that it has been scrambled? This happens to me way too often (two to four times a year) and I have usually be able to recover with a backup file, but it is extraordinarily annoying when it happens. Thanks for any input...!

The only occasion where I have seen frequently damaged report files myself was roundabout six years ago and the symptom went away as soon as I stopped using a certain Anti Virus tool, namely a certain version of Kaspersky AV in that case but I read reports in the community forums about a few other AV tools having caused similar effects occasionally. Perhaps you'll find a few threads on that topic in the archives.

Even longer ago there used to be a file-system / caching bug in "Windows 2000" that was causing damaged SCX/SCT FRX/FRT files and was fixed a little later.

So what I'd probably do is looking outside VFP, avoid editing source code files that are stored in long-distance places like shared LAN folders, perhaps suspect hardware issues, especially local HDDs, see whether doing the dev work on another machine with another AV tool makes the symptoms disappear.
And FWIW, by using a source-code control system like Subversion or so you would get additional safety.



Report OpenTables code scrambled Posted by Jim Carls @ 5/18/2012 4:15:06 AM
RE: Report OpenTables code scrambled Posted by Stefan Wuebbe @ 5/18/2012 10:29:30 AM