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 From: Thomas Holt
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 Thomas Holt
 To: Stephen Walker
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 Stephen Walker
Subject: RE: Save data on exit from form
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Version: Unknown Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2001 7:21:26 AM         

> I am having a problem when using the "EXIT" tab on the wizard generated form. When I first built the application when exiting the program the application would request that you select the option to save changed data. The form no longer presents this closing option. I have several fields that I do a replace command on without selecting "Edit" and "Save". One of the fields is a date field where I issue the following code:
> On click
> replace c_date with date()
> this.refresh
> This places the current date in the c_date filed. Untill a recently when exiting the form the update option would write the change to the database. However, now the date is not saved unless I select edit and save before exiting the form.
> I assume I have reset some variable but have been unable to find it . Can anyone please provide the answer to this perplexing issue.
> Steve

I dont like wizards for simple tasks, i only find them useful to add the form structure quickly, i then delete the command buttons and make my own. Can you not make your own form with a simple append button, and the data entered goes straight to the table no messing!



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