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 From: Stefan Wuebbe
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 Stefan Wuebbe
 To: vaishali maske
  Where is vaishali maske?
 vaishali maske
Subject: RE: saving scientific structures
Thread ID: 209658 Message ID: 209659 # Views: 1 # Ratings: 0
Version: Visual FoxPro 8 Category: Databases, Tables and SQL Server
Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2008 10:29:58 AM         

> Hi,
> I need to save some scientific structure in my data.Those structure must shown in image control.Tell me for saving structures in dbf which data type i should use.there were more then 60000 structures all the structures must shown in image control.

You can save any binary content in a binary memo field in Vfp8 (or a BLOB field in Vfp9).
Depending on the size of your "structures" you may or may not need a different backend if you're getting close to the 2GB limit for Vfp table files.
As an example:

* save filestream
Local lcFileStream
lcFileStream = FILETOSTR(HOME()+'fox.bmp')
CREATE CURSOR images (img_id c(32), img_content memo NOCPTRANS, img_filename c(100))
INSERT INTO images VALUES ('1', m.lcFileStream, 'fox.bmp')

* restore filestream
Local lcTempFile
lcTempFile = ADDBS(GETENV("TEMP")) + TRIM(img_filename)

* show
_screen.image1.Visible = .T.
_screen.image1.Picture = m.lcTempFile
&& DELETE FILE (m.lcTempFile)



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