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 From: Koen Piller
  Where is Koen Piller?
 Koen Piller
 To: Rob Vleeschhouwer
  Where is Rob Vleeschhouwer?
 Rob Vleeschhouwer
Subject: RE: Send SQL Updates
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Databases, Tables and SQL Server
Date: Tuesday, August 15, 2006 9:41:04 AM         

> Hi,
> I am learning VFP just a few month. I was too long busy with FPDos.
> Now I'm busy with Wiews. There is something I don't understand. In the
> Wiew Designer Window the checkbox Send SQL Updates is disabled!!
> And when I make a view with the wizzard and I chose 'preview' I get an error.
> In the folder Samples I get the same. Can anybody tell me what's going on?
> Grtnx
> Rob

Firstly I would not advise you to implent the wizzard for making Views, better to study a little bit more on the SQL matter and make you own views in coding, lots of good books around. Secondly it is always very difficult to comment on quote I get an error unquote without specifying the error, please give us the error message.


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