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 From: Stefan Wuebbe
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 Stefan Wuebbe
 To: Khurram Tahir
  Where is Khurram Tahir?
 Khurram Tahir
Subject: RE: Slow Work
Thread ID: 393899 Message ID: 393961 # Views: 47 # Ratings: 1
Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: VFP and .NET
Date: Friday, December 27, 2013 8:32:05 AM         

> On Every Workstation already installed VFP9SP2RT.exe

If you mean this one http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/FoxPro/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=125 ,
you already got the VFP9 SP2+Hotfixes runtime files installed

> Now as you said that copy VFP.EXE and runtime files to every workstation OK

... so you would not want to copy another set of runtime files again somewhere manually.

"VFP.EXE" probably is a "YourProject".EXE rather than the Vfp9.exe that you find in the IDE's Home() folder?

> Please guide Folder Name as well as Path setting of VFP.exe in every workstation

You can put "YourProject".EXE anywhere, the folder does not matter (unless your self-made code contains hard-coded paths, not recommended).

"Set Path" depends on your project structure, so you as the author would need to guide yourself -
for example, assumed you have all your project-member code files (PRGs, VCXes, SCXes, FRXes, whatever) included (default behavior of the Project Manager unless you explicitly exclude files),
then you would not need any Set Path statement in many cases.

"Set Path" is only required if there are external files being required by your code, for example -
something like a shared Data folder if your project uses a DBC/DBF back-end. If so, that shared Data folder location would usually be an UNC path, like \\SomeServerNameOrIP\SharedFolderName, that your code can read from something like local config file, like the standard config.FPW or a self-made INI, TXT, XML, DBF file, whatever you prefer.

Or perhaps your code wants to use some particular DLL or FLL files like "foxtools" or so, or an OCX and so forth. If so, that type of local resources would probably be located in the same folder as "YourProject".EXE, so that your code would just need to make sure that that "home" folder is the current directory, for example by doing something like "Set Default To JustPath(Sys(16, 0))"



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