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 From: Jefferson Aguilar
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 Jefferson Aguilar
Subject: SQL - summary
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Version: Visual FoxPro 8 Category: Databases, Tables and SQL Server
Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 3:21:59 AM         

aloha experts,

i have a cursor. each record has a corresponding summary, wherein, the summary will come from another table that will match my condition. to make it clearer, this is my routine (although i know that there is a shorter but more effective way on doing this):

*!* 1st I have to get all the data that i want to display
SELECT * FROM MyTable1 INTO CURSOR Temp01 WHERE MyCondition1 = .T. AND MyCondition2 = .T. AND SoOn = .T. READWRITE

*!* Now I get the summary of each record.
SELECT 'Temp01'
  SELECT 'MyTable1'
  SUM MyTable1.NumericField1 TO MySumVariable1 FOR MyScope1 = .T.
  SUM MyTable1.NumericField2 TO MySumVariable2 FOR MyScope2 = .T.
  SUM MyTable1.NumericField3 TO MySumVariable3 FOR MyScope3 = .T.

  SELECT 'Temp01'
  REPLACE Temp01.NumericField1 WITH MySumVariable1
  REPLACE Temp01.NumericField2 WITH MySumVariable2
  REPLACE Temp01.NumericField3 WITH MySumVariable3

meaning, if i have three(3) fields that require summaries, i'm obliged to issue SUM command which really takes time to be executed..please take note also that i don't put all of them in a single line - SELECT SQL command and insert a SUM(Condition) keyword, for each summary contains different conditions..


SQL - summary Posted by Jefferson Aguilar @ 10/11/2005 3:21:59 AM
RE: SQL - summary Posted by Borislav Borissov @ 10/11/2005 8:53:35 AM