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 From: Michel Levy
  Where is Michel Levy?
 Michel Levy
 To: Mike Yearwood
  Where is Mike Yearwood?
 Mike Yearwood
Subject: RE: StrataFrame FrameWork
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Friday, May 18, 2012 11:25:34 AM         

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> > Hi Vicos,
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> > StrataFrame is a data-centric framework over VisualStudio, it's full .Net.
> > Being written by VFP developpers (who are .net experts, too), it provides a very easy way to learn .net development.
> >
> > Think of it as a set of classes allowing data manipulation as easy as we do in VFP, in Console Applications, or Winforms, or webforms, as you need. You may consume data either in dbf, or in SQL Server, or in Oracle, or in Access, or in DBII (new data source will be supported with the 2.0 version)
> >
> > I use it for a few years now, and I'm still discovering new features, some of them I've allways hoped to see in VFP.
> >
> > Michel L
> My trouble with all frameworks is the severe difficulty involved in making them go beyond the original design. I have tried to get different framework vendors to try my design idea without much luck. I wonder how these guys would react to my contacting them?
> Mike Yearwood
> Microsoft MVP Visual FoxPro 2008, 2009
> We have enough youth. We need a fountain of smart!
> There may be many ways to skin a cat, but there are very few right ways to do it.

Hi Mike,

Trust me, I'm really not a framework lover! I have developped in xBased languages since 1984, and I've never never success with any framework with VFP, even when my friends or colleague teach me. My mind was not enough yielding to go in the author's design.

This is why I prefer refer to Strata as a set of classes, rather than as a framework. There are some of the core features in the core classes you'll not want to modify. Notice that when buying 1 developer licence, all source code of the classes are shipped, so if you really need to modify and recompile, do it! Marcia Akins is going on this way (she is a SF user).

The simplest way (IMHO) is to download a trial version (full features, but without source code for the SF assemblies) or a full version (cheap). Then play with it, and ask the forums. The dev team answers directly on the forum. One of the forum is only for enhancement requests.

How would Trent Taylor and all the SF team react? I don't know, I may only tell you how he answered me on the differents enhancements I asked. Some will be in the next version, some will not but sometimes he provided me workarounds, and sometimes code to modify their source.

Michel L


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