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 From: peter de groot
  Where is peter de groot?
 peter de groot
 To: Ryss Unger
  Where is Ryss Unger?
 Cape Town
 South Africa
 Ryss Unger
Subject: RE: Suggestion :remove posting
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Version: Unknown Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Saturday, June 02, 2001 2:23:42 PM         

Hi Ryss, Eric

I solved it, use the cursorsetprop.
I did'nt know that the cursorsetprop could be used like below,

llOK = cursorsetprop("SendUpdates", .t. , "rv_tables")
llOK = cursorsetprop("KeyFieldList", luRecordPk , "rv_tables")
llOK = cursorsetprop("UpdatableFieldList", lcFieldList , "rv_tables")

so I think you can deleted my posting about the "remote view".

Regards peter

> > A poster allowing to remove his/her posting.
> >
> > Peter
> Hi Peter,
> Hell i was just starting to enjoy all the questions.
> Eric will have a look at this but in the interim, email Eric or Mysef and we will remove it for you.
> How is your networked setup working?
> Regards
> Ryss