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 From: Ken Murphy
  Where is Ken Murphy?
 Ken Murphy
 To: Rick Borup
  Where is Rick Borup?
 Illinois - United States
 Rick Borup
Subject: RE: SW Fox
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Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 5:14:27 AM         

> Hi Ken,
> Glad to know you're coming to SWFox, I'll look forward to meeting you. Just curious, though: Since you're coming from Canada I assume you're flying. How do you bring a guitar on an airplane? Seems like it's too big for carry on, and unless one is making Eric Clapton kind of money one probably doesn't buy a separate ticket for their instrument. Do you put it through checked luggage? Anyway, great that you're bringing it, it would be cool if a jam session develops.
> -Rick


Looking forward to meeting you too. As to the guitar, I take one with me everywhere I go. You may recall that I work in ministry and even in my "day gig," I work for a missionary organization. My music is part of my ministry. When I go on a missionary trip, I bring my guitar and normally end up using it at Mass. Taking one on the aircraft is not too difficult. You need a GOOD "hard case" with a lock. The case I have was build specifically for the guitar and is quite strong. When I check in, the attendant will tag the thing as "fragile" and I will have to take it to a special counter where they deal with the "fragile" items - no added cost. It takes another 10 minutes to check in, but it is a nice guitar - I think it is worth the extra 10 minutes :)

On the other hand, I do get added insurance for it. I had a friend who's guitar got "dissapeared" by some light fingered baggage handler in Heathrow. He actually watched his case get loaded onto the aircraft in Halifax on a non-stop flight to London. When he got there, they told him "sorry sir, it isn't on the plane." Two weeks later (and after he purchased a new guitar) he got a phone call from the airport. Security had nabbed the baggage handler as he attempted to take the guitar home. He got lucky and he got his favorite guitar back, but he did end up having to purchase a new one. Oh well, the new one was an Olson that he managed to pick up second hand in a shop somewhere in London for around 200 stirling. The guitar is probably worth between 3,000 - 5,000 USD. We should all get so lucky.

You shall know the truth - and the truth shall set you free. (John 8:33)


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