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 From: Tamar Granor
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 Tamar Granor
Subject: SWFox 2012 Registration opens!
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Date: Friday, May 18, 2012 7:28:12 PM         

Registration is now open for both Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++.

In addition, speakers and sessions for Southwest Xbase++ are now available. Remember, if you register for one conference, you’re free to attend sessions in the other conference as well: it’s BOGO (buy one, get one free). There are some sessions specifically intended for VFP developers, including Project PolarFox: State of the Union and Xbase++ 2.0 from a VFP Developer's Perspective.

Registration information: http://www.swfox.net/register.aspx
Online registration: http://geekgatherings.com/
Southwest Fox speakers/sessions: http://www.swfox.net/speakersswfox.aspx
Southwest Xbase++ speakers/sessions: http://www.swfox.net/speakersswxbase.aspx


SWFox 2012 Registration opens! Posted by Tamar Granor @ 5/18/2012 7:28:12 PM