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 From: johny be
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 johny be
 To: Mike Gagnon
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 Mike Gagnon
Subject: RE: Telnet
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Version: Visual FoxPro 8 Category: Active X Controls & OLE Automation
Date: Monday, December 31, 2007 8:53:32 AM         

> > Hi, can anybody help me with telnet in VFP??? How can I communicate with my pricechecker over telnet? I want to send some data to display and read some barcode from scanner. Thanks for sollution. Johny.
> Is there a reason you want to use telnet? Can you not use the mscomm activex instead?
> And normally barcode scanning is done directly from the wedge to the application, not telnet.
> Mike Gagnon
> Refox XI +(English version)

My pricechecker communicate over ethernet. When I start Telnet in Win,and connecting to pricechecker I can see what iam scannig and I can write some text on display. Johny


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