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 From: Glenn Gevero
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 Glenn Gevero
 To: Shaheryar Rashed
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 Shaheryar Rashed
Subject: RE: Terms & conditions
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Date: Friday, June 24, 2011 5:28:57 AM         

> i need it in only one paragraph at the end of invoice like below:
> Now please correct my sentenses in pure English:
> "This agreement for application is valid for 1 year. between the year client can demand to change any report or view in the application. also he can demand to prepare any new view or report. after the agreement time complete, client will pay for new versions or any new changes he requires. between the period of agreemnt, we are bound to visit for maintenance free of cost after the agreement, we will charge for every visit & update.
> if user lose the database, we will try our best to recover it. it is not our responsibility to keep the backup of dtatbases at our end. user may backup data at Flash drive, Hard Disk, cd/dvd disk or at internet via email attachment. we will provide complete guidance to keep backup in correct way.
> If client change the operator, we are bound to give training to 3 persons. it is client's responsibility to give training of application. we will charge for fourth trainee"
> Please correct English & sentences of above paragraph and send me also look if it need any changes,
> regards,
> shaheryar

Hi Shayer,

I'm trying to rephrase your Term's and Agreement but I'm having a hard time analyzing by what you mean with view. Exactly what do you mean by this "between the year client can demand to change any report or view in the application."

Please explain and I'll continue. Thanks.
with best regards,

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