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 From: Jamie Osborn
  Where is Jamie Osborn?
 Jamie Osborn
 To: Bill von Valtier
 Bill von Valtier
Subject: RE: Thanks
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Date: Monday, September 30, 2002 6:11:41 AM         

> > > Hello friends,
> > >
> > > Here is an interesting problem. I need to append (into a new table) data in an ASCII text file which has many records which are broken into two segments, because they are longer than 256 characters, apparently the maximum length of a DOS text file line. The base text file has 9600 records of 38 fields each, of which about 600 are > 256 chrs in length, and thus are continued as a separated next record. This glitch does "very bad things" to a simple APPEND FROM . So, the question is, is there some direct way to do this without having to go the hard way and 1) test each text record for whether it's broken or not; 2) if broken, reconstruct it by adding the next record to it; 3) then, since this string cannot be APPENDed (or can it?), it will have to parsed, field-by-field as MEMVARs and INSERTed into the dbf file.
> > >
> > > There's gotta be a better way! Any ideas?
> > >
> > > Thanks.
> > >
> > > BillvV
> > > Rochester, Michigan
> >
> > You'll have to go line by line I'm afraid. Nothing wrong with some good old-fashioned string parsing !!!!!
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Jamie
> > jamie.osborn@foxite.com
> Thanks for the input, Jamie. It confirms what I thought.
> As it turns out I went ahead and bit the bullet to parse the file line by line, and it wan't nearly as horrendous as I at first thought. It required only 22 additional lines of code. Already having the 38-field new file structure made up, the rest was pretty easy, detecting split records, then using the AFIELDS() function and reading each MEMVAR in a fairly simple loop. Not as fast as the APPEND, but did the entire 9200 records x 38 fields in about 5 seconds. Bless VFP. My next book: "Old fashioned string parsing can be fun."
> Thanks.
> BillvV

If you have VFP7 then look at CURSORtoXML() & XMLTOCURSOR(). Sounds like your data is a prime candidate for XML.



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