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 From: Adel Kadi
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 Virginia - United States
 Adel Kadi
Subject: This Question for Mr/Erik Gomez
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Date: Tuesday, October 01, 2002 11:08:41 PM         

Hello Mr/ Gomez
I hope i am not bothering you too much.
I posted this message because nobodey was able to help me in this one.
I did a POS for Videos kind of home business for a friend and he want to print video labels but he doesn't want to waste
like a hole page of the label paper page to print one or two labels only. So i tried to design an interface with choose first
record (by Tilte) and choose last record to print. Honesly i couldn't do it so i designed the labels using the label wizard
and i tried select SQL but it will print on number 1 always on the label page,so if he printed number 1 on the page and
peel of the SQL want move the label to number 2 for example or 3 on the label page.I saw some programs that made
in VB and print a choice of labels on the right place or spot on the label paper page.Hope you understand my explaination
to the problem.
Another way of explaining this when you print labels you can skip the ones you used before, like skip number 1 and print
on number 2 Etc... I cant get this to wark and the video labels are very expensive to waste.
Thanks again i posted this problem because your solutions is real easy and make sense.



This Question for Mr/Erik Gomez Posted by Adel Kadi @ 10/1/2002 11:08:41 PM
I'm not Erik, but I know what you want Posted by Marcia Hawkins @ 10/1/2002 11:36:07 PM
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