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 From: Jun Tangunan
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 Jun Tangunan
 To: llyrad atsituab
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 llyrad atsituab
Subject: RE: Top Left Form
Thread ID: 365265 Message ID: 365289 # Views: 53 # Ratings: 2
Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Forms
Date: Monday, December 24, 2012 1:08:34 AM         

> What is the top and left in this code? so that I will be able to adjust the form pop-up position.
>  This.opop_up = Createobject('_editboxpopup', This, Thisform)
>  If !Isnull(This.opop_up)
>  This.opop_up._ShowForm(Objtoclient(This, 2), Objtoclient(This,1) + This.Height + 1)
>  Endif

> Regards:
> carbcoder_02

Based on your code, it is Left first then Top. It is determined by the 2nd parameter in reference to the objectname:

ObjToClient(This,1)   && Top
ObjToClient(This,2)   && Left
ObjToClient(This,3)   && Width
ObjToClient(This,4)   && Height

'This' basically speaking is the objectname you have used or the control where to base those positions.



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