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 From: Chan Kok Kiet
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 Chan Kok Kiet
 To: Manisha Sathe
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 Manisha Sathe
Subject: RE: Validating form - auto disable of i/p boxes
Thread ID: 33590 Message ID: 33592 # Views: 1 # Ratings: 0
Version: Visual FoxPro 8 Category: Forms
Date: Saturday, November 29, 2003 12:33:37 PM         

Are you using data binding, controlsource = ???

If so, the value in your control may be changed since SEEK command will move cursor pointer.
To check for duplication, you can either use SQL-SELECT or INDEXSEEK() whick will not move pointer.


> i have a form with add/save/cancel
> Initially all are readonly = .T. (having different color)
> when add is clicked -
> i issue append blank I make readonly = .F. and refresh the form
> when save is clicked i want to validate the data and if valid then tablerevert(.T.) (it is in buffer mode)
> Following is my code - some starnge is happening
> save - Click code
> *SELECT customerrate
> *SET ORDER TO custno
> *SEEK ALLTRIM(TRIM(thisformset.combo_value))
> *IF FOUND() then
> * MESSAGEBOX('This customer already is having record, can not add again, please edit existing')
> IF (thisformset.form1.Check1.Value = 1) AND (EMPTY(thisformset.form1.MONRATE1.value))
> MESSAGEBOX("Please fill in monthly rate")
> IF (thisformset.form1.Check1.Value = 0) AND (EMPTY(thisformset.form1.DAILYRATE1.value))
> MESSAGEBOX("Please fill in daily rate")
> select customerrate
> _screen.activeform.refresh
> Code is working properly - all messages are ok, (Both - with commented code when uncommented and the code as above)
> 1)BUT If I uncomment above commented code AND if i get error "Please fill in daily/ monthly rate " - after this msg if i try to enter the rate then field on form automatically become - readonly = .T. if i click another field - same - so all become readonly = .T. eventually
> 2)if i keep above code as it is (i.e Select .. all commented) then all is ok
> 3)if i change the if else if else ...end if end if structure then also it is same - all fields bcome readonly = .T.
> i just hope u ppl understand what i mean to say
> regards
> manisha

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Validating form - auto disable of i/p boxes Posted by Manisha Sathe @ 11/29/2003 10:14:46 AM
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