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 From: Paul Culbertson
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 Texas - United States
 Paul Culbertson
 To: Mark Elliott
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 Mark Elliott
Subject: RE: VFP Filter Class
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Date: Friday, May 18, 2001 8:50:22 AM         

> Hello all, it's been quite awhile since I've posted. The new site is great!
> I was wondering if any of you have a Filter Class that is dynnamic. i.e. unlimited parameters, fields identified by long names in the tables, etc. I wrote a couple of different filtering forms and a filter class, but the class is limited to 5 parameters. Granted, a good number of queries may not even use 5, but there is a need in my applications. The uses get around the limit by typing the filter statement into a text box, which requires knowlege of syntax (I didn't expect that to be a problem with engineers).
> TIA and It's great to see some familiar names.

Hey Mark,

I don't think that we have a filter class but you can download my browses class from the download section, in the tables it allows for code to be input into a field for the browse criteria. Mainly that field is used for setting relations but i don't see why you can't put any filtering code there.

Maybe on the setup screen you can write some code to do select and setup the filtering criteria.
If you need help with using it let me know at .

All the source code is included.

Paul Culbertson

Houston, TX


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