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 From: Eric den Doop
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 Eric den Doop
 To: chris smith
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 chris smith
Subject: RE: VFP illegal operation issue
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Version: Unknown Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2001 12:49:32 PM         

> My VFP5 is giving a illegal operation error every time I try to run it on my workstation. I reinstall VFP5 still getting the problem. I tried running vfp5 which is on another workstation on the network from my machine an it wouldn't run. However if I run VFP5 which is on my machince from another workstation it runs. This started after I was testing a program an it crashed because of a invaild SQl where clause. I deleted the foxuser.* files from my machine but VFP5 is still not running. Is their any other files on my machine that my be corrupted that needs replacing.
> smith

I remember a problem with the screen positions at start up. If i remember correctly: if you have a negative coordinate for one of the 4 screen positions (top, left, width, height), then VFP would crash. These settings are stored in the registry and are for the VFP main screen only. I cannot find any related document at this moment but i am sure i've seen it before. Take a look at the registry with regedit. I think you must browse to


Eric den Doop
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