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 From: Aaron Hathaway
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 Aaron Hathaway
 To: Simon Arnold
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 Simon Arnold
Subject: RE: VFP Interface
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Install & Config. issues
Date: Thursday, August 30, 2007 7:01:33 PM         

> > Hey guys, some of you might think this is a dumn question, but it is kind of a "grass is always greener..." one. I have video tutorials that I downloaded when I first started with VFP and I started watching again today. If it makes a difference to my answer they were videos by Craig Bailey. After seeing the interface on his video I am now wondering if I can make mine cool like that. The biggest differences I can see is the tab buttons at the bottom of both the command window and the workarea to switch to "Document View, Properties, Data Session" and open forms/tables respectively. Is this a feature I have to download some where or what? My screen can seem to get pretty cluttered sometimes and I think this would probably help out a bit. Thanks again for taking your time to help me out with my questions,
> >
> > Aaron Hathaway--
> This is the Dockable feature of VFP 9, what you need to do is open the appropriate windows:
> So the DataSession window, Properties window, make sure that they are set to Dockable, right mouse on the title bar to show this menu.
> You then need to dock the command window to the right hand side of the main foxpro window, then drag the other windows one at a time to the caption bar of the docked window, this should then give you the tabs at the bottom.
> Hope this helps
> Simon Arnold.
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I tried setting them to dockable, but there aren't any buttons. I am able to dock them all to one side of the string and adjust their sizes but they are all still visible. Is there another function that I need to enable or do I just simply not have the appropriate feature?
Aaron Hathaway--


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