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 From: Pete Sass
  Where is Pete Sass?
 Marathon, Ontario
 Pete Sass
Subject: VFP to Web
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Version: Not Applicable Category: Web Applications
Date: Friday, August 18, 2006 7:12:07 PM         


Several threads of late to convert VFP applications to web based.
This cannot be done unless you are willing to re-code your entire VFP
application into:

You are into an entire re-code folks, and that is the end of it.

You can look at web develoment applications like CodeCharge, or IronSpeed
developer, and I use both.

The conversion process is tedious at best and you better have a very solid
understanding of web bases application development and deployment.

You may wish to look at "GraphOn" as an alternative that is a 100% web based
version of terminal services.

Pete from the Great White North. (Only in Canada, ay.) Over and Out ...


VFP to Web Posted by Pete Sass @ 8/18/2006 7:12:07 PM