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 From: Stefan Wuebbe
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 Stefan Wuebbe
 To: Prajeesh Nair
  Where is Prajeesh Nair?
 Prajeesh Nair
Subject: RE: VFP2.6 to VFP9.0
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Version: FoxPro 2.x for Windows Category: Projects and Design
Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2008 11:04:37 AM         

> Dear all
> I am planning to convert one application which is developed in visual foxpro 2.6(windows) version to VFP9.0(backend SQL server). Is there any tool is available for this conversion? or if it manually, what are the issue may occurs during this converion.
> Kindly share your experience with me
Hi Prajeesh,

As for converting FoxPro 2.x to Vfp -
Many experts would recommend to rewrite rather than trying to convert, in order to take advantage of the new designers and the OOP implementation in Vfp.
You can however try to run the code as it is -
if you want to continue using @ say and @ get, you may want to set _screen.Themes=.F.
See also "Set StrictDate", "Set TableValidate", "Set EngineBehavior" in (Vfp) help.

As for converting from Fox tables to a Client/Server backend -
Again, rewriting might be preferable because pure Fox design usually relies on availabilty of entire tables, i.e. Seek(), "Locate For" and the typical "Use", "Set Order To", "Browse" approach.
While with an ODBC connection, usually all Grids are empty in the first place and the user might set filters first before querying the actual backend.
IOW, in a client/server design you might rarely want to display an entire table in a Grid because the query would run several minutes if it does not exceed the 2GB limit anyway.
See also Ken Murphy's article on RDBMS backends in the Foxite FAQ section: https://www.foxite.com/faq/default.aspx?id=54



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