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 From: Roderick Pagdanganan
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 Roderick Pagdanganan
 To: claudio novak
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 claudio novak
Subject: RE: web applications
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Date: Sunday, May 27, 2001 10:42:53 PM         

> I want to learn about web development with vfp

You can try visiting www.hentzenwerke.com. They have a book written by Rick Strahl titled Internet Applications with Visual FoxPro 6. I believe there is another but it is still a work in progress. The book is WebRAD VFP/Web Connection. It teaches you how to use a third party product called Web-Connection with VFP. You can also visit West-Wind technologies at http://west-wind.com/. They have very good articles on web development and VFP.



web applications Posted by claudio novak @ 5/27/2001 11:22:02 AM
RE: web applications Posted by Roderick Pagdanganan @ 5/27/2001 10:42:53 PM
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