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 From: CJ moore
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 United Kingdom
 CJ moore
Subject: Web design
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Date: Tuesday, October 01, 2002 12:14:52 PM         

Hi all,

I am looking at trying to write some web sites, I have had a play before but this time I need to really get to grips, so I have a few questions, the first is can you please recommend a web design software package, I need a package as I would have no idea where to start writing pure HTML code, however I would like a package that would allow me to look at the code and try and make sense of it? I want to use VFP for the backend and VFP as the engine using FOXISAPI, another question, we are finally about to get VFP7 today is the FOXISAPI the same as 6 so all of Rick’s stuff is still appropriate or has he new books and things for 7?



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