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 From: Mike Lane
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 Mike Lane
 To: Michael Gill
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 Illinois - United States
 Michael Gill
Subject: RE: Webservices builder - please help.
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Date: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 10:17:19 PM         

Hi Michael, it's always good to hear from you when I'm having a problem. You are quite right that IIS needs to be installed for any of this to work, but sadly that is not my problem as I installed it before beginning to do any work with webservices. Thanks for the helpful suggestion.

> >
> > I decided to go back to basics. I brought up the walkthrough located at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnfoxgen7/html/vfpws.asp and followed it TO THE LETTER. When it came time to build the web server (Right click on the project and click Builder) I click the generate button and get the error:
> >
> > OGEN is not an object
> > Number: 1924
> > Method: genwsdl
> > Message: oGen.Init(tcCOMFile, tcURI, tcWSDL)
> > Line: 13
> >
> > This happens on two different PCs. Both run Windows XP, one has SP1, the other doesn't. What could this be? I am so frustrated, please help. If anyone has every actually used this builder successfully, I would be interested in hearing that, too because I'm getting skeptical.
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> Hi,
> I don't know anything about this technology, but have a thought. Someone else (it may have been you) posted a problem with webservices where they wouldn't run on a system without IIS. Maybe it's possible that these webservices are dependant on IIS to work and the errors you're getting are by design because IIS isn't installed? Just a thought.
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