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 From: Mike Lane
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 Mike Lane
Subject: Webservices problem, VERY simple client
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Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 3:54:53 AM         

Hello everyone. I am beginning with webservices and have run into my first snag. Everything works fine on the machine where IIS is running. On other PCS (with foxpro 7 and SOAP Toolkit loaded) I get "OLE error code 0x800004005: Unspecified Error."

Here is the client:

LOCAL oww as myServer
loWS = NEWOBJECT("Wsclient",HOME()+"ffc\_webservices.vcx")
loWS.cWSName = "myServer"
oww = loWS.SetupClient("", "server", "SoapServerSoapPort")

and the server. I've tried registering the .dll with SOAP Toolkit and the VFP Builder. Same result.....

FUNCTION helloworld(lcName as String) AS String

LOCAL lcReturn
SET directory to d:\invsys\alpha1
USE parts IN 0
SELECT parts
SET order to part_num1
lcReturn = parts.price_a1

RETURN lcReturn

Like I said, this works great on the IIS machine, even as a complied .exe. On any other PCs I get the above error. If anyone has any ideas I would be really in your debt,

Michael Lane



Webservices problem, VERY simple client Posted by Mike Lane @ 10/8/2002 3:54:53 AM