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 From: Pete Sass
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 Marathon, Ontario
 Pete Sass
 To: Gerrit Broekhuis
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 Gerrit Broekhuis
Subject: RE: _webview in container
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Forms
Date: Monday, January 20, 2014 11:10:19 PM         

> Hi,
> I have an existing form with _webview (with specific properties).
> How do I place this _webview (with all properties intact) into a container on the same form?
> Regards, Gerrit


I think probably you have to realize that if you do what you are wanting to do
you will have to search for any hard coded references to the _webview object and
modify each one of them to add the container in the object hierarchy referencing.
Code could be external to the _webview class object like say in the INIT event
of the form or you could also have code in properties inside the class object
that where entered in. All of these if targeting the _webview class object will
have to be manually changed to reflect the container object that you want to add.

Obviously something like GoFish would greatly assist you in doing what needs to
be done above as you could search not only in the form but the entire project to
look for all occurrences of _webview and make changes as required.

Pete "the IceMan", from the Great White North of Canada.


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