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 From: Benny Thomas
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 Benny Thomas
Subject: What is a Form Set
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Date: Monday, October 14, 2002 10:13:03 AM         

I have a situation where there user scan through Table_1 and for each record in Table_1, adds one new record each to four tables (Table A, B, C & D). Data for Table A,B,C and D are taken from Table_1 and modified a little bit by the users (if necessary). What I am currently doing is give four Forms (Form A, B, C & D) with data for modification. User update data in Form A, save it, then close, then open Form B, save it, close it, then Form C, and Form D. And this process will be repeated till you reach end of Table_1.

Code as follows (simply)

Select Table_1
Do form A
Release form A
Do form B
Release form B
Do form C
Release form C
Do form D
Release form D

(I release and close form because in the Load event of each form certain code is run to prepare data for that form from Table_1 record)

This is working ok, but the problem is it is taking time because for every record in Table_1, it has to open and close four forms (In case of some records, Form A or Form B not needed as no data to be written to Table A or B). Is there a better way to work around this. Can I use Form Sets for this purpose? Or one Form with four Page Frames?? Keep in mind that the order in which user update data should be from A to D always. He cannot go to D, then to B and then to A etc.

Suggestions from experts are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Benny Thomas


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