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 From: Thierry Nivelet
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 Thierry Nivelet
 To: Ulhas Amrite
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 Ulhas Amrite
Subject: RE: What is foxincloud?
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Foxite: feedback
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 7:28:01 PM         

> What is "Foxincloud"? has any body used it? Are there any advantages?
> Thanks,
> Ulhas Amrite

FoxInCloud is a VFP9-based FrameWork that adapts any existing VFP application to the web (Internet, Extranet or Intranet).

You end up with a single code base for both LAN and Web: any evolution to your code works the same on LAN and Web.

You don't need any Web knowledge to adapt your application with FoxInCloud;
Nonetheless, as FoxInCloud generates HTML5/CSS/JS/AJAX from your VFP forms, you can override with your own HTML, CSS and JS to change your app's look and feel on the Web.

You can adapt your application for free with FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant and trial edition of FoxInCloud Application Server (http://foxincloud.com/download.php);
You need a license only when you go to production; licensing fees are based on the number of concurrent users (http://foxincloud.com/pricing.php).

FoxInCloud supports most VFP features and the scope of support is constantly enlarging (we release a new version on a monthly basis) - In any case FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant tells you precisely what is supported or not, and our roadmap tells you when each item of support is scheduled (http://foxincloud.com/roadmap.php)

You can host your web application wherever you see fit: you client's server or a private hosted server of your own.

Several FoxInCloud applications have been in production for over one year, in various business areas.

Feel free to come back to us for further details on:
- business questions: http://foxincloud.com/contact.php
- technical questions: http://west-wind.com/wwThreads/ (FoxInCloud section)

Thierry Nivelet
Offer your VFP app a new life in the Cloud


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