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 From: Grigore Dolghin
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 Grigore Dolghin
 To: Dale Dedoroy
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 Dale Dedoroy
Subject: RE: Where in the world is "WriteMethod"?
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Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2001 2:44:22 AM         

> My problem is, I cannot find this method in the Properties box -- folks, don't you think "Properties" is a misnomer? I think "Attributes" box is more sound, but that's another story. Where the hell is "WriteMethod"? Is it only accessible through hardcode?
> Thanks.
> Dale

Hello, Dale.

I have to give you bad news. I'm sorry for that.

There is no way to use WriteMethod as I think you want to. This method is intended to be used in builders and it's only reason is to write the method code. It can be used only from command window and/or code when the class designer or form designer is active. It will write some code in the specified method. (IMO - you can do this better and faster if you'll write yourself the code there).

I've runned in the same problem when I want to store some code in header's click method. (I really think you want to do something related... :)

So: no hope, Dale. Find another way. Maybe you'll write a class in a .PRG and then SET PROCEDURE TO it, then ADD OBJECT to the class you want.

Hope this helps

Grigore Dolghin
Class Software


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