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 From: Oliver Cortazar
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 Oliver Cortazar
Subject: Winsock
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Network and Computer Management
Date: Friday, August 18, 2006 10:21:44 PM         

Hello Experts.

I am trying to make an application that communicates to other application in a local network and tells it whether there is a new shipment.

I want the application to show a message whenever a new shipment arrives, but I don't want to use a timer to keep testing whether there's a new shipment or not. I would like the application that received the shipment to "signal" the application that has to process it, that there's a new shipment.

I heard this can be done maybe with a winsock object. If this is true, can anybody tell me where can I find any documentation about the winsock object?

Is there any other way to do it?

Thanks in advance.


Winsock Posted by Oliver Cortazar @ 8/18/2006 10:21:44 PM
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