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 From: Kees Henzen
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 Kees Henzen
Subject: Word out of memory???
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Version: Visual FoxPro 7 Category: Active X Controls & OLE Automation
Date: Thursday, August 30, 2007 7:41:52 PM         

Hello anybody,

When trying to open a Word document from our VFP7 application, we get an error message like:

Error number: 1429 = OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Microsoft Word: Er is onvoldoende geheugen. Sla het document nu op.
The last italic sentences are in Dutch and mean something like: There is not enough memory. Save the document now.

The most frustrating thing is that it happens only once in a while, and trying to open the same document again immediately after is succesful most of the time.

We retrieved LINENO(1) when the error occurred, the statement causing the message appears to be:

oDoc = oApp.Documents.Open(sFileToOpen)

preceding statements are:

oApp = CREATEOBJECT( 'Word.Application')
= KickStartOfficeAddIns(nAppType, oApp)
oApp.Run('Save_Init') && Set Save button(s) and initialize event handler.
oApp.WindowState = 1 && Maximized( = not normal or minimized)

Extra info:
- The statement '= KickStartOfficeAddIns(...)' is executed because the auto_exec macros of all the Add-ins that are currently installed for Word will not fire automatically when starting Word with the CREATEOBJECT-statement. The procedure KickStartOfficeAddIns 'kicks' each add-in into action (e.g. initializing a command bar) by explicitly calling the auto_exec macro with a statement oApp.Run(...) for each add-in.
- The statement oApp.Run('Save_Init') runs a (VB-)macro in a Word add-in we developed to handle save actions for the benefit of our application.
- The document seems to be opened by Word, it is visible, the message occurs immediately after it is opened, without the user trying to save the document.
- The document is opened in Word 2003.

Any enlightenment on this problem would be greatly appreciated!
Thanx in advance,

Kees Henzen


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