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 From: Cetin Basoz
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 Cetin Basoz
 To: Paul Gibson
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 Paul Gibson
Subject: RE: XLS/XL5
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Microsoft Office Automation
Date: Thursday, March 28, 2013 1:38:14 AM         

> This is just a general question of the community.
> For a few versions now Excel has defaulted it's file block settings to stop users opening Excel files that are worksheet v4, v3 and, most importantly to us, v2. By default VFP exports to a Microsoft Excel version 2.0 worksheet file if using the COPY TO ... TYPE XLS command but can export to a Microsoft Excel version 5.0 workbook file if using the XL5 clause instead of XLS clause. Does the community generally stay away from the XLS clause now and use the XL5 clause instead.
> As some regular readers may know I primarily code in a huuuuuge, mature application that has been around for more than 12 years now in it's current VFP code (long before that in previous versions of Fox). The application has literally hundreds of custom reports, written by dozens of different coders and generally when producing an Excel copy (as well as the paper copy) they have used the COPY TO ... TYPE XLS command to initially export the data before performing automation to manipulate the exported file (essentially to Beautify the data) and do some other stuff.
> When users install the more recent versions of Excel we help them relax their Trust Centre defaults to allow our application to do it's stuff without Excel throwing a spanner in the works.
> Obviously we could make things better/easier for ourselves by using the XL5 clause instead of XLS but a quick search across the application has found 304 occurrences of the clause TYPE XLS in 253 locations and I'd be reluctant to perform that kind of sweeping change without having a full knowledge of the ramifications.
> I know the change to XL5 seems to handle dates slightly differently, for example:
ver	date		datetime
> v2	29-Feb-04	31-Dec-12 23:59:59
> v5	29/02/2004	31/12/2012 23:59:59

> Are there any gotchas or things I would need to know if I was switching between XLS and XL5 across the application?
> Thanks for your time.


Cetin Basoz

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