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 From: Cetin Basoz
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 Cetin Basoz
 To: Nilson Rishi
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 Nilson Rishi
Subject: RE: xSQL command line
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Databases, Tables and SQL Server
Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2011 4:26:08 PM         

> xSQL is very helpful for MS SQL Server database structure upgrades.
> However, I find I must open xSQL manually and then compare 2 databases and then generate scripts to upgrade the old database. These 3 steps must be done manually now. It is ok to make upgrade for only one user. However, when there are more users, I have to repeat these manually for their updates.
> Thus, I want to know if I could use commands from VFP to programmatically control the xSQL so that these steps could be done automatically without my manual handling?
> If not, is there a similiar tool that could do this?
> Happy new year and Mery Chistmas
> Regards,
> Nilson

You may want to check and use redgate tools. Data compare generates scripts that you can either run from VFP or redgate to update multiple servers. Like xTools it is not for free and also included in SQL developer bundle and SQL toolbelt packages.

Cetin Basoz

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