As VFP developers we are well aware that the fact that our code is not converted to complete binary code, like C based languages, makes it possible to decompile the code into readable code. Code protection, and basically protecting our development efforts, is thus an everlasting issue for VFP developers. All kind of techniques are available and those from XiTech are by far the best. Refox comes to mind if it comes to decompiling and branding your app (Protection against decompiling by Refox… isn’t that a paradox?).

Looking at the site of XiTech ( Another product is a real eye-catcher, COMPAxION, a tool that compresses data in a way that many GB on data can be stored on a medium that normally would not be able to contain that much data.

The latest tool XiTech now markets is KONxISE. A tool that combines the techniques that are available in both Refox and COMPAxION, but made available for our VFP executables. KONxISE compresses your executable to a smaller size that saves up to 70% AND scrambles the code in a way that makes is near to impossible to crack the code. If it comes to ease of use KONxISE is a dream. One screen only, hardly any help needed.

Simply select an executable to KONxISE. Click the GO! Button and you are set. As an example I will show the results on a small app:

This was one small app that was a one-screener as well. Just a simple punchclock app. As you can see the size was 140KB. I processed it through KONxISE:

And this is what was left of it.

26 KB was left. Reducing the file size with as much as 81%!

Several other applications I tried KONxISe on gave results from +70% to 85% reduction. All of them where also protected against decompilation.

To speak with a famous Dutch football-player, Johan Cruyff: “Every advantage has its disadvantages” and such is also the case with KONxISE. Calling compressed executables from other VFP executables with the “DO” command will not work, work-arounds like shell scripting can make it work but that requires some extra effort on the side of the developer. My conclusion is that, if code protection is a big issue for your commercial application KONxISE is a must have for every developer. The price of $299 is worth your code.