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Chris Chamberlain    WinAPI calls
How can I ensure ShellExecute() will print a pdf in windows 10?

tushar    Connecting to ODBC from VFP on 64bit OS
32 bit ODBC drivers on 64 bit OS

Bernard Bout    How do I print Multiple LABELS + Barcodes in VFP
A concise tutorial on printing Labels in VFP

tushar    SQL Joins
Results of the different SQL Joins

tushar    Class definition MSXML2.DOMDOCUMENT.4.0 is not found
The task manager is not displayed correctly. Instead you get a message saying Class definition MSXML2.DOMDOCUMENT.4.0 is not found

Chris Chamberlain    How to create an animated .gif with ImageMagick
Until such time as such functionality exists with GdiPlus, the following alternative methodology does provide a way to allow a user or developer to programatically create an animated .gif.

Osis Barajas    Classes and Objects

Bernard Bout    My System toolbars do not save positions
System Toolbars do not save positions in IDE and line up one below the other left-aligned in IDE

Chris Chamberlain    How to add a progress bar to a .zip operation
Simple .prg that enables a developer to populate a progress bar utilising the ZipCallBack() function in vfpcompression.fll

Pete Sass    Intelligent Update of Only Modified Fields with SQL Server Databases
Idea is to update to the underlying SQL Server table only the fields that have been modified in a local cursor. Assumes using SQL pass through and each table has a unique id.

Boudewijn Lutgerink    _screen.activeform ... HOLD ON!
there is a shorter way to get access to the activeform on the screen. Here's how...

Ken Murphy    Using Private Data Sessions in Forms
It seems that every couple of weeks we see a thread where a developer is seeing unexpected results when using a private data session. Deleted records are showing up unexpectedly, settings like YEAR no longer work, etc. It seems that a good basic overview is needed.

Chris Chamberlain    How can I cancel out of a Zip operation?
Utilising the callback feature in Craig Boyd's compression library to enable cancelling

Boudewijn Lutgerink    add sms service to your applications
In this tip I show you how you can add SMS service to your application with the use of Skype.

Boudewijn Lutgerink    #define your tables
#define can be used for many purposes, I show one here I use in simplifying my code

Marcia Akins    The Difference Between NODEFAULT and DODEFAULT()
Using NODEFAULT and DODEFAULT() to control the Inheritance Hierarchy

Bernard Bout    How do I release the memory used by my VFP application.
This function shows how you can release memory as needed from within your application without resorting to Minimising the window.

Ken Murphy    Moving to MySQL, SQL, Oracle, etc. - some basics
You have decided that you wish to move to a MySQL, SQL or Oracle etc. backend. Here are some of the basics you will need to get you started.

Bernard Bout    How do I change the attributes like Colour, Font etc. for my Menu's
Dynamically change the colours and fonts of menu's created in the VFP Menu Generator.

Cetin Basoz    Sample Data as Text to post on forums
If you post part of your data along with your question it would be much easier to reproduce the test code and check propesed solution before replying. This code is about getting your data into clipboard in plain text format that you can paste in your message.

Ken Murphy    Sub-Classing Basics
When developing an app, many developers will simply use the VFP base classes. If you are one of those developers, read this.

Bernard Bout    How do I protect my Database from being opened in other applications
This outlines a method for protecting your VFP Database, tables and other files. It uses an approach called "Impersonation"

Boudewijn Lutgerink    retrieving the local IP address
with just two lines of code you can retrieve the local IP address

Boudewijn Lutgerink    a quick and simple "shutdown" button
Create a shutdown button that works like pulling the plug

Don Higgins    Data Driven SimpleList OLE Control
Adding End User Controls to the SimpleList Class

Ken Murphy    Indexing in a Multi-User Environment.
You are now moving to a multi-user environment, but with your tables opened in a SHARED environment, you are having difficulties with the INDEX ON command.

Ken Murphy    Why won't my "GROUP BY" query work?
With VFP 8, the rules about GROUP BY changed. Here is why and how to fix your code:

Boudewijn Lutgerink    one or more tables in my database seems to be corrupted, WHAT DO I DO NOW?
Every now and then a table in your VFP database can get corrupted by any kind of course, what do you do now?

Ken Murphy    When I run my app as an EXE it just flashes and then dissapears.
One of the most common problems for beginners, a question describing symptoms like tihs pops up on average about once every week or two. This FAQ will provide the beginner with information on the READ EVENTS command

Ken Murphy    Backups - The bare minimum
I have noted a number of threads in the past, where a good, basic backup was missing. For the beginner, some guidelines for a basic backup.

Boudewijn Lutgerink    be aware of the NVL()
using NVL() in a SQL select can bring somewhat, ahem, unexpected results

Ken Murphy    Everybody tells me that PUBLIC variables are not good practice - Why?
The use of PUBLIC variables is normally frowned upon by most experienced developers. Why do PUBLIC variables have such a bad reputation?

Eric den Doop    Common causes of the infamous C5 Access Violation exception
Sooner or later, every VFP developer will have to deal with the C0000005 error...

Ken Murphy    A faster way to RightClick->Edit
When editing a form that has containers and page frames, you have to Right Click and then select Edit from the popup menu. There is a faster way.

Ken Murphy    But I don't have an autoinc field - I don't have VFP 8 or better
How to create an incremented primary key field when you do not have an autoinc field.

Ken Murphy    The "Rule" for creating primary key fields
Ken's hard and fast rule about creating primary key fields

Ken Murphy    How to handle image files in a VFP backend
A simple explanation of how to deal with storing image files without running into VFP's 2 Gig file size limit.

Eric den Doop    What are my VFP environment settings?
Use this not well-known feature to get a list of the current VFP environment settings.

Boudewijn Lutgerink    disturbing IntelliSense Tamed
4 simple lines of code will help you to Tame the popup of Intellisense.

Borislav Borissov    How to add Foxite in FireFox search engines
If you are using Mozilla FireFox browser you can add the Foxite.COM Search Engine to the list of Search Providers.

Eric den Doop    Add Foxite To Your IE7 Search Bar
If you are using Internet Explorer 7, you can add the Foxite.COM Search Engine to IE7's list of Search Providers. This takes only a few seconds.

Chris Chamberlain    Display images and messages from a VFP menu in a statusbar
If you want to emulate Windows Explorer behaviour in a VFP statusbar by displaying an image followed by a message bottom left...

Chris Chamberlain    Asynchronous messagebox
Example of an asynchronous messagebox

Eric den Doop    How to hide the main Visual FoxPro screen
Here's how you can hide the default white VFP background window.

Eric den Doop    Tips on Posting Good Questions
Here are a few suggestions that make it sure you get the best answer to your question as quickly as possible.

Eric den Doop    Why don't you answer my e-mails?
Explanation why I don't answer every e-mail you send.

Eric den Doop    Chat feature for Online Foxite Members
Just some information about a Chat feature for Foxite Members

Pete Sass    Exchange Server 2000: Tips from Pete
Pete shares some ideas about maintaining an Exchange Server 2000.

Pete Sass    SQL SERVER: things to consider prior to starting your application development process
Just some stuff for those out there targeting SQL-Server backends. Here is a list of things you should consider prior to starting your application development process.

Eric den Doop    How To Enable JavaScript In Your Web Browser
The Foxite.COM web site requires JavaScript to be enabled in your web browser. In this FAQ, your host Eric den Doop explains how to enable JavaScript in a number of popular web browsers.

Pete Sass    A few tips when targeting a SQL SERVER backend
Just a few issues I have encountered over the past 2-3 weeks...

Pete Sass    Tips when using SQL pass-through to target SQL SERVER backends
This FAQ is applicable to those VFP front end developers that are targeting a SQL Server backend and are not using Cursor Adapters, but are in fact using SQLEXEC() and SQL pass-through commands.

Chris Chamberlain    Add MultiSelect functionality to a Grid control
Short FAQ on how to add a multiselect feature to the VFP grid control.

Barbara Peisch    Foxite.COM Support Forum Tips & Tricks
Tips on how to use the Foxite.COM Support Forum

Chris Chamberlain    How to use SYS(1500) within a menu procedure
Chris shows you how to activate a Visual FoxPro system menu item from a procedure within a menu.