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 Eric den Doop

- Search the VFP Help, the Foxite.COM Archive or Google the Archive or the FAQ Section for your question first -- it's likely someone may have already answered your question, and you won't have to waste time waiting for it to be answered again.

- Post in the correct Category -- since the experts in various subject matters tend to stick to the set of Categories that focus on those topics, a question about grids posted in the "Reports and Printers" category will likely take longer to be answered than the same question in the "Grids" category. Also, by posting to the correct category, you help your peers who have a similar problem find your thread easier.

- Make sure your title summarizes the specific problem you have --  since we try to answer the maximum number of questions we can with our time, we often skim through question subjects to quickly find the ones that we know the answers to. A question with a title of "Urgent! Help needed!" is not as likely to get answered as a question with a title of "How to add a Combobox to a grid".  A more specific, detailed title is far more likely to get a response than a general one.

- Give details about your problem --  rather than "When I call CREATEOBJECT() I get an exception, please help", provide the exception type, message, and call stack. If possible provide a succinct code snippet that demonstrates the problem. This lets us reproduce the problem on our end, and allows us to come up with an answer where just a general question may not have had enough details.  Having this information means we can answer your question more quickly, without having to ask you for these details and wait for your response. Also, if a repro requires specific data from your table, include code to recreate a few of these records, or attach a file to your message by clicking the Attachment button (look for a paperclip).

Credits: parts of this FAQ were stolen from a post from Shawn Farkas - MS:


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