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  Bernard Bout
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 Bernard Bout

Recently I have found that on some computers the system toolbars position is not being saved. If you set the toolbars to a particular position and close VFP and re open it all the toolbars line up one below the other aligned to the left. This was happening to me as well.

All toolbars set properly and Resource is on. Windows are tab docked

On restart this is what the toolbars look like.

This is possibly caused by a combination of Video Drivers, Widescreen Monitors and using Dual Monitors causing some confusion in VFP.

To solve this do the following steps:
1. DELETE your Resource file


3. Confirm using ?SET("Resource") should print ON

4. This is the killer step that worked for me:

Click the button to the left of the Close (X) button so that the VFP IDE is NOT MAXIMISED. Remember VFP IDE should NOT be maximised. You can resize the IDE to cover the whole screen but DO NOT Maximize the IDE.

5. Add your toolbars and set them in whatever position you want.

6. Quit VFP by clicking the Red "X"

7. Restart VFP and your toolbars should all be in the correct place.

8. You can now Maximize the IDE and everything will be normal.

When you restart after this the toolbars should be in their alloted place.


Prasant T @ 12/26/2008 11:42:53 AM
Thank you Sir, This will so helpful...

Alan Tuscano @ 9/16/2009 2:18:24 AM
This is great, helpful. its kinda annoying everytime i open vfp. Now, the toolbars are inthe position when i wanted them.

Thank you so much.

Jeff Sirrus @ 10/1/2009 4:44:37 PM
Awesome help! This has been making me nuts for a while now. Thanks so much.

Mushtaq @ 6/10/2014 7:40:59 AM
Thank you very much. My long term problem has been solved.

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