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  tushar Kanvinde
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 tushar Kanvinde

The task manager requires MSXML 4.0 to be installed. This is installed by default in XP but not in Vista or Windows 7.

To correct download and install from https://www.microsoft.com:443/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=7F6C0CB4-7A5E-4790-A7CF-9E139E6819C0&displaylang=en


Cesar @ 6/10/2011 1:34:22 PM
Apart from the Task manager, the HTML Listener class also uses it.

sasa @ 1/28/2014 12:54:51 PM

Leandro @ 2/14/2014 2:24:00 PM
It has also helped me to solve my trouble

Arshad @ 5/17/2014 10:26:42 AM
Thanks dear, Please tell me how to read a txt file in foxpro and store it's content in a variable, i m not good with vfp, i learned dbase iii+ in 1991 and using foxpro 2.6 for windows and now want to move to vfp, and learning the hard way now a days.
I really appriciate any help. thanks

Ellen @ 7/9/2014 12:07:43 PM
Thank you!

Luis Casanova @ 7/26/2014 5:55:23 PM
It worked! Thanks!

Vinh Q. Nguyen @ 2/9/2015 6:13:17 PM
It worked! Thanks!

Attila @ 10/7/2015 7:20:16 PM
Thank you for your help. Now i can start again to work with Visual FoxPro, best dev tool out there.

José Meza @ 12/4/2016 8:46:05 AM
Thank you Mr. Maharastra

sdfgsfdgsdfg @ 12/10/2016 9:39:43 AM
sdfgsfdgf sdfgs dfgsdfg

A grateful person @ 5/26/2017 1:53:10 PM
Your are the best!!! Tired to read the Xp virtualization patch... this is the fix!!!

Samarth Rastogi @ 8/24/2017 8:46:36 AM
I downloaded it but still it is showing the same error. Please help me out and lso tell tell me that where to place the downloaded file.

Juan Texeira @ 12/8/2017 2:35:06 PM
Thank you Maharastra for your information

Hector @ 12/6/2018 2:21:09 AM
Nice! Thank You!

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