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  Bernard Bout
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 Bernard Bout

Step 1
Forget any ideas about using ? to print anything. That is archaic.

Make sure you install the correct Barcode font you will be using

Step 2
Prepare your table for use. In my case I am using the Northwind SUPPLIERS table found in your VFP samples folder. I will use the Supplier id to print the barcode with the name & address below. You may have a different table or use a cursor.

A label is nothing but a VFP report formatted into columns. So your table MUST contain multiple records if you want multiple labels.

Step 3
Run the Label Wizard

Step 4
Select your table

Step 5
Select your Label or use the "New Label" button to add a custom Label format to the database.

Step 6
Add the fields that will appear in the label

Step 7
Add any sorting as needed

Step 8
Save the label and opt to modify it in the designer

Step 9
The Label (report) will open in the Report Designer

Step 10
Doublle click the Supplier field to edit its properties and change the value in the field as shown. We will be making all Barcodes 10 chrs in width. Barcodes must have "*" before and after as shown.

Step 11
Select the Barcode font to use and the size.

Step 12
That is all that needs to be done. Right Click on the report and select Preview

Step 13
Since we selected the 3 column Avery label in step 5 above this is what the preview shows.

Here is a magnified view of the same preview:

TEST, TEST, TEST the output and adjust the size, fields etc as needed.

Here is the Label I created in the steps above. It requires the Suppliers table from the Northwind sample database


Any more questions please post on the main forum.


Esteban Bastida @ 9/23/2013 4:33:17 AM
Hello, Bernard; I have a question: I have a procedure in vfp to print label one for time and always print at the top left side of the page, and I don't know how to control to print the second one on the next label, because I have page A4 with several columns of labels. Can you help me?. Thank a lot.

abdelazim @ 1/6/2014 1:01:59 PM
Thank you very much
I do the same and very good ,
but the problem when printing the barcode could not printed

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