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(HELP Please) :( Merge 2 columns into 1
Thread ID: 330148 Bham Bham Tan Singco (HELP Please) :( Merge 2 columns into 1 Good day Experts. I have a problem here. I would like to merge 2 date columns into 1. :-S Ex. i have table name Sample_Table with columns tableID, date...

0 In grid
Thread ID: 310437 Nandkishor Lande 0 In grid Hi Experts this.datagrid.recordsource="select * from sale order by date,vno into cursor xyz" this.datagrid.recordsourcetype=4 *---------------------------------------------------------...

2011 Ceil Silver Ambassador Announced
Thread ID: 314593 Luis Maria Guayan 2011 Ceil Silver Ambassador Announced Congratulations Borislav Borissov !! http://www.swfox.net/ambassador.aspx Luis María Guayán Tucumán, Argentina ________________________________ SysOp de www.PortalFox.com

2011 FoxPro Lifetime Achievement Award
Thread ID: 316905 Doug Hennig 2011 FoxPro Lifetime Achievement Award The FoxPro Lifetime Achievement Award honors those individuals who have contributed a great deal to the FoxPro community over the years: http://fox.wikis.com/wc.dll?Wiki~FoxProCommunityLifetimeAchievementAward~VFP. The previous recipients have created a committee to select one or more recipients for 2011. The committee consists of Whil Hentzen, Rick Strahl, Doug Hennig, Tamar Granor, Rainer Becker, Rick Schummer, Lisa Slater Nicholls, wOOdy Wondzinski, and Christof Wollenhaupt, as well as Alan Griver (yag) of Microsoft and Naomi Nosonovsky representing the FoxPro community. To submit your nominations for the 2011 recipients

A great man died
Thread ID: 324454 Martin Krivka A great man died October 12, 2011 Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie

Adding time to time
Thread ID: 327191 Ilya Rabyy Adding time to time Colleagues, How do I add time to time? I.e., it is 15:45 now, and I'm tracking a flight that was delayed, and the flight tracking website says 3 hrs. 44 min. left till landing. I tried t...

Annual Running Total From Daily Data
(2011, 10, 1), 400) INSERT INTO c_Test VALUES (DATE(2011, 10, 2), 400) * Shows running totals correctly SELECT c_Test.EntryDate,; SUM(c_Test.Amount) AS Amount,; SUM(RunTotal.Amount) AS RunAmount; FROM c_Test; LEFT... are: Year AmountYear RunningTotal 2008 200 NULL 2009 400 200 2010 600 600 2011 800 1200 How can I achieve this? Frank. Frank Cazabon Samaan Systems Ltd. www.SamaanSystems.com

Apple and FoxPro
Thread ID: 323046 michael johnson Apple and FoxPro Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011 http://www.apple.com/

Assigning date data to memvar in dBase -
Thread ID: 330012 Ilya Rabyy Assigning date data to memvar in dBase - Colleagues, This question is for those here with good knowledge of dBase/Visual dBase, and the subject says it all. You might remember that I have to deal with the da...

Attrib command
Thread ID: 284494 Khurram Tahir Attrib command I scan my Usb through Kaspersky Antivirus Security 2011 it found virus and make my folders setting to system hidden folders With Dir /A they shows all folders With attrib command when i issue the following command attrib h:\ommnu -S It gives message Not resetting hdden file - h:\OMMNU Same message on -H

Autorun your exe on OS logon
Thread ID: 324518 Jun Tangunan Autorun your exe on OS logon While we are at it (Your exe and nothing else...), here are ways to immediately run your exe outright during logon time so users won't need to click your exe shortcut anymore: ht...

AVG fires up on MAPIMessage.ResolveName
Thread ID: 281705 Ilya Rabyy AVG fires up on MAPIMessage.ResolveName Colleagues, I have AVG Antivirus Free (of charge) edition 2011 installed on this machine, and it's MS Office 2007 that I am tapping on for E-Mail automation. I am trying to execute the following code (in a trial PRG, in VFP's IDE): WITH loMAPI_Message .SessionId = loMAPI_Session.SessionId .MsgIndex = -1 .Compose() .RecipAddress = ALLTRIM(m.MailTo) .RecipType = 1 .ResolveName() ** etc., and every time it comes to executing that last line in the above code - the AVG,or MS Office, or both ("agreed to being disagreed" :-) ) spew the following message on yours truly: Any idea how to prevent this nuisance

billing on the same day each month
Thread ID: 302128 Deane Robieson billing on the same day each month Hi all. I am building an application where clients are meant to be billed on the same day each month for goods they have on long-term hire. FORGIVE ME - In my discus...

Bind to ProgrammaticChange Event
Thread ID: 398878 Paul Gibson Bind to ProgrammaticChange Event I am trying to use BindEvents to bind from one user control to another, textboxes to be specific. I specifically want a method on one of the controls to be called when the val...

biometric zkemkeeper.dll
Thread ID: 310626 raju s biometric zkemkeeper.dll Hi, Recently i started developing communication program using zkemkeeper.dll to collect log from biometric machine. i used one of the library ZKEM1.GetAllGLogData to download the log. it w...

Boeken en software
Thread ID: 456098 Peter Hoogeveen Boeken en software English: Around 2011 I was involved with a company to partner up for installation and usage instructions of their software at their customers. To do this, I followed several internal training and exams. Because their software is developed in Visual Foxpro 9.0, I bought a license and I ordered the necessary books at Hentzenwerke in the United States. For several reasons is the cooperation never really took off: first... (Netherlands). Best regards, Peter Hoogeveen Nederlands: Rond 2011 was ik intensief met een bedrijf in de weer om partner voor installaties en gebruiksinstructies bij hun klanten te worden. Hiervoor volgde ik verschillende

build new date by joining day month year
Thread ID: 414891 DEREK DODOO build new date by joining day month year Please note this is in C#, Asp.Net Need to build date to display in a form by joining it as follows 1. Extract the Day from the End Date field 2. Join it to the Month and Year fields to generate a new date below End Date Month Year || Date to Display -------------------------------------------------------------- Jan 12 2008 6 2010 | Jun 12 2010 Feb 16 2009 8 2011 | Aug 16 2011 Apr 20 2012 5 2013 | May 20 2013 Please note Month 6 = Jun Month 8 = Aug Month 5 = May Thanks

calaculate working days in a year
Thread ID: 316459 DEREK DODOO calaculate working days in a year Hi, A Select Statement to calculate the number of working days in a year excluding the weekends. 1. For the year under review which starts from 01-Jan-2011 to 31-D...

Calculate Time between 2 dates
Thread ID: 310449 Sajan Jacob Calculate Time between 2 dates Hi I have 1 date field and 1 datetime field. How can we find out exact time difference between those dates ( Difference in Hours) Eg. gdate=(10/06/2011) edate=(12/06/2...

Calendar & DatePicker w/ Holiday Update
Thread ID: 301527 onytoo Calendar & DatePicker w/ Holiday Update Hi All.... After reading message where post by Ali Khan, He found a formula bug in date calculation, so I make decision to update my class code and replace with code that was present by Leonid Lepin. Thanks Leonid and Ali. Here the code that I was replace in _calendar::Redraw method. *!* old formula *!* m.lnLastDay = GOMONTH(.Value, 1) - .Value *!* new formula m.lnLastDay = DAY(GOMONTH(.Value-DAY(.Value)+1, 1) - 1) If you don't want to download the update project, just change the old formula with new one. Update link (April 12, 2011): https://www.foxite.com/uploads/bed53ef1-4970-4f1a-ad49-da90b1c3e93b.zip

can't remote database mysql from client
Thread ID: 308291 fabianus erwin can't remote database mysql from client Dear all, I have a problem like this : I using windows 7 ultimate client and server, VFP 9 SP2 for front end, and MYSQL 5 for database. My source code like below :...

Chen's VFP C++ Compiler
Thread ID: 353874 Pete Sass Chen's VFP C++ Compiler Hi Foxitians, Please note: Anyone attempting to use Chen's VFP C++ Compiler with VC++ 2011 in the new Visual Studio 2012 Suite, this has not been tested yet and I am assuming batch file changes will be required by Chen in order for the 2012 version of VC++ to work. This is just an update for you here in the forum and Chen is going to be testing the VC++ 2011 with things in the near future. UPDATED: 2012.09.05 - IN THE PM I just received the VFP Compiler updates from Chen for compatibility with Microsoft Visual C++ 11 found in their Visual Studio 2012 Edition. I will be performing testing over the next couple of days with blurb back to this forum

Chicago FUDG - Tues 11 Jan 2011
Thread ID: 290160 Randy Bosma Chicago FUDG - Tues 11 Jan 2011 A new year is upon us -- squirming and crying like a baby in diapers. January 2011 at Chicago FUDG will feature ???. Our scheduled presenter has been ill, so as an alternate we may have a bit of Web Connect, API calls, Web development tools, and related stuff. Patrick will show how to present graphs with SQL Server Reporting Services. Time and Place as usual: Tuesday Jan 11 at 5:30 pm; Tech Nexus, 200 S. Wacker, Suite 1500. RSVP Link will be posted here: http://www.ChicagoFUDG.com

Chicago FUDG - Tues. 11 Oct 2011
Thread ID: 323610 Randy Bosma Chicago FUDG - Tues. 11 Oct 2011 One of our favorite presenters, Eric Selje is coming in from Madison to practice his Southwest Fox Conference presentation. Here is Eric's topic description: Lightswitch is Microsoft's latest development tool and it is aimed squarely at the same market who may have considered Visual FoxPro in the past. Lightswitch creates beautiful Silverlight applications which can run on Windows or the Web (and theoretically Linux too). If you're creating CRUD applications for databases, you should definitely have Lightswitch on your radar. You will learn: • How to get started with Lightswitch • The fundamentals of Silverlight • The limitations of Lightswitch

Chicago FUDG - Tues. 14 June 2011
Thread ID: 309020 Randy Bosma Chicago FUDG - Tues. 14 June 2011 Chicago FUDG's June meeting will feature a remote presentation from Jim Nelson -- the famous VFPX tool developer. Jim will outline the efforts afoot to expand the list of IDE tools by reproducing (where possible) the tools from other IDEs (such as Visual Studio), by building on and enhancing existing tools, and by creating brand new tools appropriate to FoxPro. The most visible of these new tools is named... is Tech Nexus, 200 S. Wacker Suite 1500. Time is 5:30 pm. Date is Tuesday, 14 June 2011. RSVP here: http://j.mp/iTTbNp More details at http://www.ChicagoFUDG.com

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