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Adding open forms to Window menu
Thread ID: 109046 Barbara Peisch Adding open forms to Window menu I know I've seen a solution to this, but I can't find it. I've created my own custom Window menu with most of the standard options, taken from a Quick Menu. But one thing a standard Window menu does, which mine is not is it adds options for each open form to the end of the menu. Isn't there an easy why to get my own Window menu to do that? -BP www.peisch.com

Addressing Threads to a Specific Person
Thread ID: 136917 Barbara Peisch Addressing Threads to a Specific Person I have noticed a disturbing trend here in the past couple of weeks. People are posting threads asking a specific person for help. This is a very bad practice for a couple of reasons: 1. It unjustly puts pressure on a specific person to answer that thread when that person may not have time to deal with your problem at that point or may not have knowledge of your problem. Everyone here is a volunteer, and you should not expect that any specific person will help you. 2. It may discourage someone else with the answer from responding. You would probably get more feedback faster without directing your question to someone specifically

Alternative for MMJB?
Thread ID: 147534 Barbara Peisch Alternative for MMJB? I've been using MusicMatch Jukebox for playing MP3 files on my computer for years. Recently Yahoo! bought them out and has been pushing me to upgrade. They terminated all online services for the old version, including CD lookup, as of August 31. I started to upgrade, but I refuse to accept their license agreement, which states that they can change the terms of the agreement at any time and they only have to post the new terms on their web site. They claim that would constitute notifying me of the change in terms. The agreement also states that I agree to all current terms and any changes in terms that they post on their web site. I really doubt

Am I making mistake Ms. Barbara Peisch Pl. guide
Thread ID: 71186 SRINIVAS SARMA Am I making mistake Ms. Barbara Peisch Pl. guide Ms Barbara I tried inserting a text box (a memo field) and checked 'Stretch with overflow' , 'Float'. But still I am getting an error msg. 'Detail band is too large to fit on page'. My report is like this xyz company 1. 2. 3. ........ ....... ........ ........ 16. 17. Sincerely xyz company I want to have this report in more than one page. Thanks in advance srinivas

APROCINFO not supported in runtime
Thread ID: 222592 Barbara Peisch APROCINFO not supported in runtime I need to get a list of classes in my prg before trying to call something. I've been using APROCINFO in development for this, but I've just found it isn't supported at runtime. (I get a "Feature not available" error.) This command isn't listed as not being supported at runtime in the help file, but it is here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa979136(VS.71).aspx. So, does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative technique? P.S. I'm leaving tomorrow for the weekend, so I may not be able to post responses before Sunday night. -BP www.peisch.com

Arrays in collections
Thread ID: 87755 Barbara Peisch Arrays in collections Has anyone figured out how to retrieve specific values from an array stored in a collection? As far as I can tell, you can only store the first value from an array in a collection. I know I can store a collection within a collection, and that's what I plan to do if I can't store/retrieve an array in a collection. -BP www.peisch.com

Auto links miss part of link
Thread ID: 89677 Barbara Peisch Auto links miss part of link I've just discovered that the autolink feature will leave off any part of a URL from a # sign on. For example: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=206213#wmp -BP www.peisch.com

Auto links not working?
Thread ID: 88461 Barbara Peisch Auto links not working? Hi Eric, I just posted a message https://www.foxite.com/archives/0000088460.htm and the URL didn't get converted to a link. It looks like the URL in this message isn't getting converted either. Isn't that supposed to be working now? -BP www.peisch.com

Available for contract or hire
Thread ID: 193811 Barbara Peisch Available for contract or hire Things have been pretty slow around here for a while. I just want to let everyone know that I have plenty of time available and I'm looking for work, either as a contractor or an employee. -BP www.peisch.com

Barbara Peisch
Thread ID: 264791 Koen Piller Barbara Peisch Hi, It seams the website of Barbara Peisch is not working anymore. Anybody around to give a new website url? In former days I used to get here routine to make a mailmerge with a Foxtable / -cursor and a Word-document. Now I have problems using this routine with the new .DOCX Word type documents, do we have a procedure/solution to open a Template Word.DOCX document and save it as a Word.DOC in order to make use of her routine? Or else do we have a generic code to open either a Word.docx or Word.doc to be used for mailmerge with a VFP.dbf ? Regards, Koen

Calculate area of a complex polygon
Thread ID: 146471 Barbara Peisch Calculate area of a complex polygon Has anyone out there written or know of something that will cacluate the area of a complex polygon? I have a client who wants this, but it's really more than I want to take on, especially if someone else out there has already done it. I already know the start and end points of each of the lines and arcs in the polygon, as well as the center and radius of any arcs. -BP www.peisch.com

Can't find form property?!?
Thread ID: 118332 Barbara Peisch Can't find form property?!? I need another pair of eyes on this one. I can't see where the problem is. I have a form property called nCurMaterialId and this property is initialized to 0 on the property sheet. I have a combo that's using this property as its ControlSource. So far, so good. The problem starts when I try to use this property in the WHERE of a SQL Select that is the RowSource of a second combo. Here's the SQL code for the RowSource: select Descript,MatTypeId from MatTypes where MaterialId = Thisform.nCurMaterialId into cursor JunkMatTypes I'm getting the error "Property NCURMATERIALID is not found." This error occurs when the form

Can't get here with IE 7
Thread ID: 118207 Barbara Peisch Can't get here with IE 7 Starting yesterday, I can no longer get to Foxite using IE 7. Yesterday, I just thought the site was down, but today I received e-mails from the site, so I knew otherwise. I haven't changed a thing in IE 7 (other than trying to delete temp files) and I can still get to other sites. Anyone else having this problem? I might have to switch to only getting here with FireFox. ;-) -BP www.peisch.com

Thread ID: 248852 Barbara Peisch CDO and MAPI Hello everyone, I'm using CDO to send mail in a client's app. But their mail host requires them to log into their POP3 server before it will let them send mail. It seems that CDO can't do this and I need to use MAPI instead. But I don't want to retrieve anything--just log in. Is creating a MAPI session enough to do this? -BP www.peisch.com

Congratulations to the new MVPs
Thread ID: 100819 Andy Kramek Congratulations to the new MVPs I would like to congratulate Barbara Peisch on being renewed for another year as an MVP and to welcome two new Visual FoxPro MVPs to the fold: Borislav Borissov and Fabio Lunardon were both recognized as Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals in the July round of appointments. Well done all of you. Keep up the excellent work. Regards Andy Kramek Microsoft MVP (Visual FoxPro) Tightline Computers Inc, Akron Ohio, USA

Constant crashes on Windows 8
Thread ID: 418603 Barbara Peisch Constant crashes on Windows 8 VFP 9 SP2 is constantly getting low-level crashes while I'm working on an app in Windows 8.1. My client, who has source code and plain Windows 8, is also seeing constant crashes. It doesn't happen in the same place each time, and I can't seem to get it to happen in the same place twice in a row. I suspect some incompatibility between VFP 9 and Windows 8. BTW, I've applied all the hot fixes I'm aware of. Anyone have any info on this? -BP www.peisch.com

Did I delete from my forum
Thread ID: 106132 Barbara Peisch Did I delete from my forum I just posted a response the the thread FIELDS COUNTS under the section for DATABASES, TABLES AND SQL SERVER and now I can't find the thread shown at all. Did I accidentally delete the thread from my forum list? -BP www.peisch.com ...Later: Nevermind. I logged out and back in and now the thread is there. Any ideas why it didn't show before? I even tried refreshing.

Disabled combo color and alignment
Thread ID: 129359 Barbara Peisch Disabled combo color and alignment I have a client with very particular requirements. He want's a combo for customer selection on his form where the text is centered and the backcolor is cyan. (This is the textbox portion of the combo, not the dropdown portion.) I have no problem accomplishing this if the combo is enabled. But when it's disabled, the text is left-aligned and appears to be selected using different colors from what I've specified. I've set every property with "color" in it to what I'm looking for, but it doesn't help. Anyone know why? -BP www.peisch.com

Does anyone understand this?
Thread ID: 128722 Barbara Peisch Does anyone understand this? Here's one that has me scratching my head. I have the follow code in the click of a button: LOCAL lnPartId DO FORM AddNonDXFPart TO lnPartId IF lnPartId <0 * Do some stuff here ENDIF This runs fine in development. But at runtime, it blows up with an "Operator/operand type mismatch" error on the DO FORM command. The AddNonDXFPart form is Modal. If I initialize lnPartId to 0 before calling the form, it fixes the problem. What I want to know is why I should need to do this? And why does it work in development but not at runtime? -BP www.peisch.com

Double horizonal scrollbar in message area
Thread ID: 74749 Barbara Peisch Double horizonal scrollbar in message area Hi Eric, I know you've said you've optimized the new interface for 1024 x 768, but when I run at that resolution, I often see a double horizontal scrollbar in the message area. Below is a snapshot of a message that displays this. I'm not sure why this scrolls horizontally at all because there's no part of the message that doesn't fit. But still, I think one horizontal scrollbar is enough. ;-) FWIW, I often run at 1600 x 1200 and I never see a horizontal scrollbar at that resolution. -BP www.peisch.com

Double-click becomes single-click
Thread ID: 155284 Barbara Peisch Double-click becomes single-click I've had a grid on a form where Double-clicking columns would take you to a different page on a pageframe. This has been working fine for quite a while. Now, the click is being fired before I get a chance to click again. _Dblclick is set to .50. I've also tried setting _Dblclick to 2.50 with the same result. I'm still running VFP 9 SP1 and I can't think of what would have changed to cause this problem. Any ideas? -BP www.peisch.com

Downloading .H files
Thread ID: 191466 Barbara Peisch Downloading .H files Does anyone know a reliable source for downloading common Windows .H files? I needed Windows.h years ago and ended up using a version that came with one of the Hentzenwerke books. Now I need Winspool.h and I can't find it anywhere. It's not on my machine. Putting "winspool.h download" in the MSDN search turns up nothing! -BP www.peisch.com

Duplicate e-mail notices
Thread ID: 77520 Barbara Peisch Duplicate e-mail notices I often find I'm getting two or sometimes even three duplicate notices about a message being posted on the threads I subscribe to. Is this because the person editing their message and posted it again? -BP www.peisch.com

ER for new interface
Thread ID: 74227 Barbara Peisch ER for new interface Hi Eric, First, kudos on the new interface. I can tell a lot of work went into it. I really like the fact that I can get e-mail notices now when new messages are posted to threads I'm watching. I would like a slight enhancement to this feature. It's e-mailing me even when the new message on the thread was posted by me. I would rather not get an e-mail telling me that I posted a new message. Also, a question.... I noticed on the home page that it says you can now preview messages before posting them, but I don't see any way to do that. Am I just blind? (It wouldn't be the first time.) -BP www.peisch.com

Excel 2007 - ARRGGHH!!!
Thread ID: 130521 Barbara Peisch Excel 2007 - ARRGGHH!!! I have an app that does some Excel automation, and it was working perfectly fine--until I installed Excel 2007. They've changed the hot keys! What's worse, even with the new hot keys, things aren't working as they did before. I create the file with a COPY TO...TYPE XLS command and then use automation to set up some things: * Freeze the top row and left 2 columns so they stay put when scrolling loExcel.ActiveWindow.Split = .t. loExcel.ActiveWindow.SplitRow = 1 loExcel.ActiveWindow.Splitcolumn = 2 loExcel.ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = .T. The next thing I want to do is specify how the columns are printed and which columns

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