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"Fatal error: Exception code: C0000005 "
Thread ID: 6119 kanchana "Fatal error: Exception code: C0000005 " Hi, I have a problem. My application comprises of the following: GUI -- VFP 6.0 BACKEND --ORACLE 8.1.7 OPERATING SYSTEM --WINDOWS 2000 PROFESSIONAL During the course of running the application, I often encounter GPF and it prompts an error as "Fatal error: Exception code: C0000005 " MSDN help suggested to install the latest service pack for Visual Studio 6 as it confirmed to be a bug in VFP 6, with using the getpem( ) function. But my application does not use any getpem( ) function and the fatal error doesn't only arise in debug mode. The line number that it prompts often holds one sqlexec( ) function. Could you please

.Net MySQL
Thread ID: 371710 llyrad atsituab .Net MySQL What are the similarities of vfp and c#??, because I want to learn something new, I've already start reading this 'Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Unleashed' and this are the pending books I will also read 'Wrox Professional Visual Studio 2008','.NET for Visual FoxPro Developers', I will definitely choose C# for its beautiful and cleaner syntax structure because it has similarities in java,javascript and php... I've also browse the blog of Mr. Cetin regarding with the Linq database, it is really a revolutionized structure and has a cleaner syntax compared of my beloved SQL. but as of now I will learn .Net and MySQL first before I jump into Linq, It will be a hard

Thread ID: 74966 Emerson Reed _ReportListener Is there a way to know in wich printer a report was printed? I'm using _ReportListener class. Emerson Santon Reed Microsoft Certified Professional http://br.thespoke.net/MyBlog/EmersonReed/MyBlog.aspx

Thread ID: 78076 Emerson Reed _ReportListener I have 3 chained reports: - first report have 3 pages - second report have 2 pages - third report have 3 pages If the user wants to print range 5-6 pages, I need to print the two pages of second report but page number must be printed like the user have printed the first report. To do this, I need to run the report one time, count the pages, and run the report a second time. There is a way to send all the pages of a report to an object (based on _ReportListener ffc class) and after select the pages that I want to send to printer and print them (this way I run the reports only one time)? Emerson Santon Reed Microsoft Certified Professional

1 VFP Programmer needed in Albany NY
and to meet them Professional demeanor Excellent business and communication skills.

2013 Ambassador is Luis Maria Guayan
of the Westchester County FoxPro chapter of PADD, the Professional Association of Database Developers. She was also a contributing author to Special Edition Using Visual FoxPro 6. Ceil understood the value of attending professional

A few questions
Thread ID: 65738 Chris Counts A few questions I have a few situations that I could really use some help with. First I need to know if there is a way to read a Tab delimited text file into a Visual Foxpro 6.0 table. The text file consists of a one line header and then the data. I need to be able to import this data through my application so that there is no user intervention required. Second, I have read all of the information that I can find on this sight about sending email through both CDO and Outlook, but I still can't get it to work. I am using Windows XP Professional service pack 2 and Visual Foxpro 6.0. I need to find a couple of good examples on what I need to do to send an email seamlessly from

A Wish VFP team forgot
Thread ID: 44937 Luis Navas A Wish VFP team forgot I have some time playing with the new features in VFP, they're great I think we all should give Thanks to VFP team. One of my favorites features are dockable forms, I was specting this and hoping that you where going to be able to put a menu in a dockable form or a toolbar, in this way you can create more professional interfaces. I think that maybe VFP team still have time for this (I don't think it's to hard, but maybe I'm wrong), can anyone who support this wish tell VFP team about it? Thanks in advance. Luis Navas For long you live and high you fly

Abnormal Grey Area in Tiff File
Thread ID: 423675 Patrick Nam Abnormal Grey Area in Tiff File Hi, Professional, I have a program for which it has a procedure to convert multi-frame tiff file into single frame tiff file. For example, if the multi-frame tiff has 10 pages, it will then generate 10 single frame tiff files. It is running on B & W multi-frame tiff files without any problem. But when it is running on color multi-frame tiff files, some single page tiff files are normal but some are generated with grey area at bottom (see attached sample). Not sure what caused this problem. This code is used to save the captured frame to single page TIFF file: FOR N = 0 TO lnFrames - 1 *!* Move pointer to the active

About Function AERROR()
using: WINDOWS 2000 PROFESSIONAL, SQL7.0, ODBC: version:2000.80.380.00 if you can , you explaining about problem above

About Timer
Thread ID: 310636 Glenn Gevero About Timer Hi experts, I posted a message yesterday regarding the timer control and got the answer and it solved my issue. However i want to ask from your best opinion regarding the use of the timer control. I decided to use timer control in my dashboard form to have the data in my dashboard requery automatically thus giving the enduser updated dashboard every 1 minute. My question is: If my application is doing a requery to the server every 1 minute to get updated data to show in the dashboard will it not cause traffic in the network? I am seeking for your professional opinion. Thank you in advance. ---------------------------- with best regards, Glenn Everything

Activate Window Calculator
Thread ID: 76893 Emerson Reed Activate Window Calculator I'm using the following code to show VFP calculator in a form: Activate Window Calculator Noshow Show Window Calculator In Window (Thisform.Name) There is a way to show Calculator window like a modal form and remove the minimize button? Emerson Santon Reed Microsoft Certified Professional http://br.thespoke.net/MyBlog/EmersonReed/MyBlog.aspx

Active Directory
Thread ID: 69117 Anonymous Active Directory Hi Pros, I hope you help me with my problems... Scenario: I install SQL Server 2000 (MSDE) in my Windows 2000 Professional and its up and running. Now I install also an IIS tom my Windows 2000 Professional. I try to run my web apps and its working fine. Now I encounter an error wherein I need to confisgure my Active Directory. Now heres my question. 1. Can I install Active Directory to my Windows 2000 Professional, i yes how I can configure it. If No, any alternatives like what I did to my SQL Server 2000 installing MSDE. 2. Any ideas on what is LDAP?, I think this is connected to Active Directory. Hope you can help me

Adding remote access from other country
Thread ID: 427118 chaim dudi Adding remote access from other country Hi experts we have office in israel that work with vfp. Now we have to add access to other office (from USA). I would like to present a draft of the plan and I would appreciate to get your professional opinion. Total database: 6 GB Max table size 700 MB Current office (Israel) 15 Workstations, each one have a local EXE that work on data in server (mapped drive S:\data). New office (USA) 10 Workstations, each one have a local computer>RDP (or RemoteApp)>USA server>virtual machine>RemoteApp There is difference of 7 hours between countries (ignore daylight savings time). My program use with date and times (locking current

Announcement: Online WNL - MsdeVfp101 by CarlKarsten
is a Microsoft Certified Professional for Building both Desktop and Distributed Applications in Visual FoxPro 6.0. Last week a CertFox book was given out to a lucky chatter. Who knows what will happen this week? For more

App Installer
Thread ID: 366885 Garth Groft App Installer Need and installer that has these key features: 1. detect on the web the existence of new application files on start-up of a VFP app 2. download and install only newer files only 3. shut down and restart this application if the exe which is running has been updated Wise Install Professional Version 9 has served us well for a single file web deployed install. the equivalent multiple file web deploy always gave communications errors and therefor had to abandoned. Install Aware offers a significant savings ($400) to Wise customer with a license. we had little success with the InstallShield Express bundled within VFP7. we did not find a discussion

Append General / MY pc is freezing up
Thread ID: 289486 Francisco Cooper Append General / MY pc is freezing up Hi Foxite Grups, I have a Terribe headache with Appeng Genera Field, Every time when I Try save a bitmap picture, My PC pc is freezing up. Please any Comments would be very trankful. Operation System: windows xp professional visual foxpro 9 sp2 Email.:cooper_francisco@hotmail.com Thank you!!!

Application disappearing
Thread ID: 247737 John Peart Application disappearing Hello all, We have a user who is running some of our legacy software written in FoxPro for Windows 2.6a. He is running a laptop with XP Professional (SP3 with full updates) on it. Whenever he tries to run one of our exes he gets the initial screen appear and then the screen disappears again. I have logged onto his system and tried several different exes on his machine and for one of the exes it can remain on screen for up to 5 seconds before disappearing but others just flash on then immediately off. There appears to be a correlation between how much the exe does before waiting for input and how long it remains before disappearing but that may

Art Bergquist speaks at ChicagoFUDG on June 13
Thread ID: 97806 Randy Bosma Art Bergquist speaks at ChicagoFUDG on June 13 Chicago is one of the stops on Art Berquist's 2006 Lake Michigan tour. On June 13 he will be speaking on "Habits of Highly Effective VFP Developers." It promises to be a great overview of the best tricks, practices, and tips in programming techniques from a man who spends every working day in the VFP trenches. Art Bergquist is a Senior Consultant at Visionpace, and has extensive experience working on numerous Visual Maxframe Professional applications both as the sole developer and on a team. Art has contributed many VMP features and enhancements, is currently maintaining the framework, and frequently mentors developers at Visionpace

Attention: Devcon Philippines
Thread ID: 48411 Mz Attention: Devcon Philippines -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION: To filipino foxpro/vb/c/delphi developers -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gud day developers, Around Metro Manila there are lots of professional, developers and programmers for Visual Foxpro and other development tools such as Visual Basic. Now, can I call your attention for us to be united so we can build a DevCon Team for Foxpro. What I mean is this, we could build a small group mainly for Foxpro Application and yet we would improve it more using other devtools such as vb. Once the group is formed, we would be accountable

Thread ID: 112916 Leonard Trevor AUTOMATING THE DATA EXPORT PROCESS TO EXCEL ETX Dear Expert, I want professional advice on exporting data from vfp to another system say an accounting system. 1. creating an excel version to be imported into the accounting system 2. any other medium aside of a spreadsheet, which will be direct that is not through an intermediary like excel. Thank you.

Background .exe hogging CPU
Thread ID: 408700 Mark LaBarre Background .exe hogging CPU OK, I wrote a little .exe that runs in the background looking for a file named print.txt to grab, reformat into a VFP report so it looks professional, and print. It does the job fine, but hogs anywhere from 25-45% of the CPU time depending on the workstation. The "guts" is as straightforward a loop as I could manage: DO WHILE .T. IF FILE('PRINT.TXT') WAIT 'PRINT.TXT FILE BEING PROCESSED!' WINDOW AT 5,5 TIMEOUT 2 DO PROCESS_TXT ENDIF ENDDO I suppose just this bit of "eternally looping" code is to blame for the CPU load, since that's all it's doing until a file drops into the folder -- but those numbers really surprised

Thread ID: 392034 Cecil Champenois BizSpark I was a member of BizSpark for 3 years, which gives most of the MSDN products to a user for that three years. I tried installing MS Office 2013 onto a brand new PC with Windows 8.1 as its O/S and the message I got was that it could not install MS Office 2013 since a prior version had already been installed, so it uninstalled MS Office 2013 from the PC. That version MS Office 2013 Professional has never been installation on that PC, not ever, so why the error message and the stopping of the Installation? Has anyone who was in BizSpark ever experienced this? Cecil Champenois, Jr.

Blog in Foxite
Thread ID: 84222 Emerson Reed Blog in Foxite Hi! I want to know if it's possible in Foxite blogs to post images and files to download and if the language must be english? Emerson Santon Reed Microsoft Certified Professional

C/C++ training classes
X. I don't know if it works on Visual Studio Express, but if you have the regular Visual Studio standard or professional or higher, it works there. It adds easy lookup and refactoring abilities to Visual Studio which save me hours

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