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"Printer is not Ready" Error
, one on an IP port, or one of my Netware printers (which is what the program accesses). I can print to any of these from my development PC using any other program. Only VFP is having the issues. I have been able to get one way

'page x of y' on a report
page of output.) Different clients will use different printers, I won't have drivers for all these printers and my formula will always fail..Please can someone suggest a workaround. thanks! kulwant Who says there is no 'Santa

6" paper
Thread ID: 157691 ismail pp 6" paper ismail Experts attention please Not all DOT Matrix printers support 6" paper size. Is there anyway to understand on the fly whether the specified printer supports 6" paper ??. And if supports switch to that size and print the doc programmatically? if i use PRTINFO(nPrinterSetting [, cPrinterName]) returns the current settings only. Regards Ismail

64 bit W7 and LOGON32
use local files with no server logon on the 64 bit machine can use the printers. The program that logs on to the server cannot use the printers, even if I log on to the machine as administrator. As far as I can tell, the user... errors I get are: error accessing printer spooler error loading printer driver (again, other programs on the 64 bit machine use the printers w3ith no issues, as well as the program I wrote to use local files only.) I've stripped

A4 paper size in frx file
Thread ID: 372071 Nilson Rishi A4 paper size in frx file In Report designer, under the Page layout tab for Report Properties, the Width for Printable Page of A4 paper size seems to vary for different printers. When I set Microsoft XPS Document Writer as default printer and then open the Report desginer, the width is 8.164 Inch. When I set a Canon printer, the width becomes 7.628 Inch. This causes a problem for my Frx files: for Frx files created when the default printer... value to fit FRX files for all brands of printers? Regards

Add Printer
Thread ID: 76530 Ryan Lashway Add Printer I have an application with settings I want to deploy over the network and I want to add one last feature. Is there a way to install a networked printer through code without prompting the user to have to install the printer. Currently I have the UNC in a combo box and when the user access the UNC it asks prompts them with the "This printer is not installed on your machine do you want to install it ?" deal, I want to supress this. Also, is there a method to discover networked printers ? Currently I have them in a database where I have to manage them. Ryan J. Lashway http://www.lashtech.com

Administrator rights to local computer
Thread ID: 326392 Stary Administrator rights to local computer Is there a way to find out from a VFP app if a user that runs the application has local administrator rights? I mean rights to install ODBC drivers, printers, register DLLs etc. in local computer environment.

Adobe reader error w/FoxyPreviewer
Thread ID: 446341 Jim Carls Adobe reader error w/FoxyPreviewer Has anyone using FoxyPreviewer found that the Adobe Reader DC cannot add signature images to PDF files created with it? Specifically, I have a client that adds a signature using the "Fill & Sign" option. When he attempts to save the PDF file, Adobe displays "The operation failed because Adobe Acrobat encountered an unknown error." Although the file is "saved" the signature images is discarded. I can duplicate the problem on my own system (Windows 10), however I can use the same function in Foxit Reader without a problem, and Acrobat Reader can do this successfully with PDF files created by other PDF printers (Foxit, Bullzip, etc.). Any input

Another Important question
printers Codes may be different for the very same printer setup property, and may be the same for different properties. So if you need some special settings and for special printer, then it would help to install the printer driver

API printers enumeration
Thread ID: 308645 Yousfi Benameur API printers enumeration I encountered the problem in this 308596 from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd162692%28v=vs.85%29.aspx The EnumPrinters function API enumerates available printers, print servers, domains, or print providers. this function recquires some structures to implement in vfp. Any kind gentleman have a complet free vfp code to return all printers installed and their complet informations and with API. the declaration api (from news2news) is DECLARE INTEGER EnumPrinters IN winspool.drv; INTEGER Flags,; INTEGER Name,; INTEGER Level,; STRING @ pPrinterEnum,; INTEGER cbBuf,; INTEGER

APRINTERS hangs the app
Thread ID: 408828 Victor Espina APRINTERS hangs the app I have an application built on VFP9 SP2 that runs via Terminal Service on a Windows 2008 R2 server. This app was running ok until this morning, when users started to report that the app doesn't show. Checking the app's log showed that the app was getting executed but got stuck while listing server's printers (wich is done using APRINTERS() function). I then ran VFP9 directly on the server and run APRINTERS and it just hanged... no error, just never returns control back. Any ideas on why this could happen? bad printer driver? a change in the server's security configuration? TIA /* ---------------------------------- *Victor J Espina

aprinters() problem
Thread ID: 195441 Deane Robieson aprinters() problem Hi guys. I am experencing a problem allowing the user to dictate which printer given reports are sent to. In my application, I have a 'system defaults' form where the user can choose a printer for a given report type. I have used aprinters() to populate an array with the available printers, and then used this array as the datasource for a combo. The selection will be stored in a table which will be read at print-time for each report type. All this works fine, except the user can only select those printers connected directly to their machine - any network printers appear 'grey'd out' in the combo, and unable to be selected. Any

Thread ID: 421667 Dave JustDave array Hi all, Quick question How do you determine the size of an array? If I have an array called my_array, How do I know if it has 10 lines or 20 lines. I am using the command aprinters('x') to populate the list of printer names into an array. Then I am trying to get that list into a database. Is there a better way then aprinters() I know getprinter() can list my printers, but I need the list loaded into a database. Thanks Dave

Barcode char in preview not printed
Thread ID: 143859 Ryan Lopez Barcode char in preview not printed Good day. Has anyone encountered previewed barcode characters but not getting printed? On my development workstation, I have it all working perfectly. However, in most of the other end-users, it doesn't work. Barcode is not printed (while it shows in the preview). Others have problem with just normal fonts not getting printed. We have different models of deskjet printers being used. Earlier, I learned that Laserjets, esp. HPs are kind of "problematic" - with Error C000005 . Thanks. ~Do not reinvent the wheel, innovate~ ~The only thing constant is "Change"~

Barcode Printing
Thread ID: 132704 KASSEM NASSER Barcode Printing Hello Every Body. I am facing a problem in controling barcodes printing using DATAMAX printers... It seems very difficult to contol hight, width and printing orientation. Printer Manual says that it is easy to do that using VB. Does any one have an OCX to control the barcode printing that can be used in VFP ? Thanks

BARCODE Printing
Thread ID: 56823 Dzune Lao BARCODE Printing hi, i would like to get some idea on how to make use of barcode printers... (sato or zebra), actually i tried using sato printer, but to no avail, I cannot use it and the printer did not respond to VFP's request. any good suggestions? i will try using zebra this time, i hope you guys can help me deal with it, especially for those who are with POS. thanks. Dzune

Barcode Printing in Epson
Thread ID: 125811 Ronan Masangcay Barcode Printing in Epson Dear all, I need to print barcodes using the common lx and lq epson printers including HP laser printers using one report (.frx) I've read in the archives that I have to download a .ttf (i think it was 3of9). Is there a new way to print the barcodes or should I say, is this still the way to do it? Thanks in advance Ronan Iron Sharpens Iron

Browse for Share Drives & Printers
Thread ID: 100811 Ryan Lashway Browse for Share Drives & Printers How can I browse my network for share drives and printer ? Ryan J. Lashway http://www.lashtech.com

Bug Object assisted report in dot-matrix
Thread ID: 407425 amado manguiob Bug Object assisted report in dot-matrix Hi! i think this is a VFP9 bug. I've done my research here in the internet regarding problems with dot matrix printing but their is nothing or no direct answer or solution I got. I would like to hear your expert advice and confirmation if VFP9 has really no options for this so I can put an end to my problem not to use dot-matrix printers with VFP9 on Object assisted report (Set ReportBehavior 90) and so everyone will also know about this issue. Really need you advice. Million thanks to all. amado

Bullzip PDF Printer & ExecWB problems
than: thisform.ptext.ExecWB(6,2) ?? I'm setting the printer like this: xpdfprinter = 'BULLZIP' APRINTERS(printers,1) pdfprinter = '' FOR x = 1 TO ALEN(printers,1) IF UPPER(printers(x,2)) = xpdfprinter pdfprinter = printers(x,1) ENDIF ENDFOR DECLARE INTEGER SetDefaultPrinter IN winspool.drv STRING pszPrinter SetDefaultPrinter("&pdfprinter") I then check to make sure the printer is set (using SET

bypassing windows printer drivers
Thread ID: 255615 David Hall bypassing windows printer drivers We have a number of bar-code thermal printers designed to work off a parallel port. No windows driver is supplied or needed, as the documentation suggests that all you do is copy an ascii text file with specific characters to format the output. This is presumably so that absolutely 'dumb' devices like hand-held terminals or cash tills can print labels. This works just fine in vfp9 if I use these statements.... SET CONSOLE OFF SET SAFETY OFF SET ALTERNATE TO C:\TEMP\labels.txt SET ALTERNATE ON FOR lnQty=1 TO THISFORM.txtHowMany.Value ?'N' ?'q500' ?'B40,0,0,1E,1,3,70,N,"'+lcPartno+'^"' IF LEN(lcPartno)>13 ?'A40,80,0,4,1,2,N

C0000005 on VFP 9.0.7423
- delete and disable resource file - command = sys(3050,1,0) in .fpw - scanning harddisk for older Versions - zap/pack, reindex, no recreation, since other fpw26 still has to access the data - uninstall all printers - get rid of SET

can i create reports programmatically
Thread ID: 119437 nishant gupta can i create reports programmatically hi foxexperts all i wanted to ask you that is it possible to create reports programmatically, where i can change the fonts programmatically (without affecting the report layout) and where i can change width of fields etc. and my second question is what is the best way to print the report on Dot Matrix printers (along with lasers, i mean report will be created one time but user may print it on DMP or laser) thanks very much in advance thanks nishant

Can't change default printer while in VFP program
Thread ID: 84858 Ilya Rabyy Can't change default printer while in VFP program Colleagues, Here's the problem I have never run before: 1. The default printer is set to Printer1. 2. The user starts my program, does - whatever's supposed, then prints - printstream goes to the default printer. 3. The user needs to switch to another printer. So, I - the program - present the GETPRINTER() dialog, get the printer name, say - Printer2. (Both are network printers, BTW.) 4. I call WSH.Network.SetDefaultPrinter(lcNewPrn) to switch default ptinter from #1 to #2. Guess what? Even though the Printers folder shows that that Printer2 is now the default one, my VFP program still sends it's print output

Change Default Printer
Thread ID: 434827 Prasad Jamsandekar Change Default Printer Hello sir, In LAN if two printers one is DMP and another is Laser DMP IS Default printer, all reports print on DMP. If I want to print a report on laser, how I change default printer from dmp to laser and again after printing from laser to dmp or Can I forcefully print any report directly to laser printer without considering default printer ? Regards Prasad

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