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1) You are not allowed to post any political related or religious oriented messages.
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3) No vulgar, defamatory, abusive, distasteful language of any kind is permitted. No sexual oriented or offensive material will be tolerated of any kind. Should you feel that you have been treated abusively in a post, please make your complaint directly to abuse@foxite.com via e-mail referencing the thread and message IDs. Please do not reply to the offending member. Doing so merely turns the thread into an argument. The Foxite Moderators will treat all complaints fairly and confidentially. The moderators will review the post and if it is found to be offensive, it will be removed. Should a member continue to make offensive or insulting remarks in his/her posts, the moderators will terminate that member’s account.
4) Impersonating another member (s) by changing your username to the same as another member for purpose of defaming their character, posting offensive material under that username, or violation of any other part of the member will result in immediate termination of your account.
5) You are not allowed to use Bots or Web Spiders or other software that enables you to automatically download large portions of the website to retrieve any information available on the Foxite.COM server for offline usage. Our bandwidth is not unlimited and we already have Google spiders and other web search engines that are consuming a lot of bandwidth.
6) The site owner reserves the right at his sole discretion to erase, discard, etc. any messages that may be offensive to others or Foxite.COM Community as a whole.
7) PLEASE DON'T SHOUT: Typing in all capital letters is considered "shouting" online. We're listening, we promise. =)
8) The Foxite.COM should not to be used to advertise other websites or sell goods/services. If you'd like to advertise on our website, please contact us by e-mail: info@foxite.com.
9) Don't be harassed. If someone is harassing you or your friends or anybody else, don't respond in the same way.
10) Have FUN!!! The Foxite.COM Support Forum is YOUR Forum, so if you have suggestions, complaints, or suggestions for discussion strings, e-mail us at info@foxite.com.
11) The above rules are not limited to and maybe changed at anytime without notice. The site owner reserves the right on a final disposition, and final judgments of the above outlined rules.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at info@foxite.com.